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XPO lets you easily run campaigns across different advertising channels in one place.

Learn the fundamentals and start running all sorts of campaigns using XPO across the different channels, either manually or using AI/machine learning powered by Knorex KAIROS.


Get to know XPO

  1. XPO platform overview
  2. Understanding accounts, roles and permission in XPO
  3. Set up your Partner Account and/or Advertiser Account
  4. Create an Advertiser Account
  5. Top-up Credits for Advertiser Account
  6. Campaign Setup and XPO AdTag Setup
  7. Campaign Optimization and Pacing
  8. Reporting and Analytics


Launch your first campaign in XPO

Check out the following resources for the step-by-step guide to set up and execute a campaign in minutes:

  1. Programmatic Campaigns
  2. Facebook campaign
  3. Google Search campaign
  4. LinkedIn campaign
  5. TikTok campaign
  6. Cross-channel campaign 
  7. Cross-channel mobile app install campaign
  8. Location-based advertising


Additional resources

  1. White labeling XPO to your corporate branding

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