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Mobile app install advertising or app install advertising is a form of mobile advertising that directs users to an app store to download and install a particular app. It is also used to promote users to engage in more in-app activities and purchases. Nowadays, there are different channels or platforms that you can use to run app install campaigns using different formats.


What are the app install advertising channels that are available in XPO?



These are the channels that XPO supports for running your app install campaigns:  

1. Google's Universal App Install Campaigns (UAC)

UAC connects you with your users across Google Search, Google Display, Google Play, and YouTube.


2. Facebook's App Install Campaigns

Where app install ads shall appear on Facebook feeds and users are directed to install the app from the app store.


3. Programmatic App Install Campaigns

Where app install ads are shown across as Display, Video, Native, and CTV/OTT ad formats, and users are directed to install the app from the app store.


In XPO, you can easily run cross-channel app install campaigns and directly into the above platforms to drive app install.


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Supported Mobile measurement platforms and SDKs in XPO

Check out the list of MMPs and SDKs that are supported in XPO to measure and track mobile app install, conversion and other events.

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