You can easily launch Facebook campaigns with XPO in just minutes. To do this, you will need a valid Facebook ad account and link it to your XPO Advertiser account.


1. Give Access To Facebook Business Manager

To get started, you will need to grant XPO admin access to your Facebook Business Manager (FBM). Purpose is to configure your FBM account to give access for creation of ad accounts, page management, syncing campaigns and audiences to be done via XPO.


Steps to give your FBM access to XPO

  1. From your FBM Account, go to Business Settings


  2. Select People to invite by clicking on + Add


  3. Invite people and enter their email address. Select Admin Access and click on Next


  4. From Assign Access pop up, select Asset Type:

    a. Optional and applicable only if you have existing pages.

    Click Pages, choose Page Names you wish to provide access to and then select Page Roles - Create Ads and View Page Performance.


    b. Click Ad Accounts, choose which Account Name to provide access. From Set Permissions, select Admin Access


  5. Click Invite.


2a. How To Link If You Have A NEW Facebook Ad Account?

Once you self-configure/create a new Facebook ad account(s), you can link it to your XPO account. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Ensure that you have completed Step 1 by granting the necessary access rights.
  2. Under the XPO partner dashboard, click Utility > Manage Facebook.


  3. Click Manage Accounts  >  +Facebook Account


  4. Select your existing XPO Partner Account > XPO Advertiser > Business Manager Account > name the new Facebook ad account > click Save.

    XPO will automatically link your XPO account to the newly created Facebook ad account based on your Business Manager account details.



Previously, you were required to create a new ad account on your FBM and then invite/ provide access to Knorex team to the ad account. You were then required to go to XPO to link the new ad account to XPO platform or ask XPO Support to link them.

  • Now all you need is to create the Facebook ad account on XPO and the previous steps (creation of ad account on Facebook and linking) are not required
  • You are not required to give Knorex access to every newly created Facebook ad account. This gives you independence on XPO with a one time admin access for all accounts
  • We estimate saving around 24 hours to configure a Facebook ad account that included manual steps/email communication, which is now redundant.


You should start a campaign on your newly created ad account within 30 days, or else Facebook will disable your new ad account if there is no active campaign running.

2b. How To Link If You Have An EXISTING Facebook Ad Account?

  • Ensure that you have completed Step 1 of granting the necessary access.

Under the partner dashboard, click Utility > Manage Facebook.


3. Identify your Facebook account name. To link this to your existing advertiser accounts, click on the Allocate Account


4. Allocate the different accounts as necessary, under the XPO Account drop-down box.

  • FB Account is your Business Manager (BM) account details
  • "Allocated XPO Accounts" refers to all the Facebook ad accounts you have given access to XPO to run campaigns
  • XPO Account is the partner level account(s) which has access to this BM
  • XPO Advertiser is who XPO needs to run the campaigns for


Click on Save to confirm changes.


To verify that you have successfully linked the two accounts (for both 2a and 2b), click on create a campaign in XPO. The newly linked Facebook ad account name will appear under the Facebook ad account section.


3a. Set Up A NEW Facebook Campaign

You can create Facebook Campaigns through XPO Media Broker under the Campaign tab.

The steps to create a Facebook Campaign is the same as explained in our Campaign Setup article. Select the respective Facebook Account when filling in the campaign info: 



3b. Sync EXISTING Facebook Campaigns

  • From your Partner Dashboard, select Utility and then Manage Facebook


  • You will be directed to the Facebook Account Management dashboard. From the desired Facebook Ad Account, click on Action and select Sync Campaigns


  • Now, after syncing the campaigns click on Allocate Campaigns and fill in the account details


  • You will get a list of all campaigns associated with that Facebook Account along with a check box at the end. The check box shows whether the campaign has been allocated to XPO or not.
    Click on the checkbox and click Save to allocate the campaigns to XPO.


  • The Allocated Campaigns will now be shown on your Campaign Dashboard.

3c. Sync EXISTING Facebook App Campaign 

  • To sync your existing campaign app conversions into XPO, from the Utility dropdown, click on Manage Facebook and then select Allocate Application.


  • Key in your Facebook Account, XPO Account, and Advertiser Account you wish to sync the app conversion details into and click Save.

  • Once the app is synced into XPO, it will refect in your XPO Facebook Account Management Dashboard.

4. Invoicing Based On Different Situations

  • For existing Facebook ad accounts, after you sync these accounts into XPO, Knorex will invoice only the platform fees in accordance with your signed MSA/agreement with us.
  • For new ad accounts created in your Facebook Business Manager, payment details are already fed into your account. Once you sync these accounts into XPO, we will invoice only the platform fees in accordance with your signed MSA/agreement with us.
  • For new ad accounts created in XPO:

    a. If you choose to configure your own payment details (credit card details or credit line) in your Facebook account, we will invoice you only the platform fees in accordance with your signed MSA/agreement with us.

    b. If you choose to let Knorex handles all payments related to the newly created account, we will invoice you both total media spend on Facebook and platform fees as per MSA



1. Can I sync existing campaigns from my Business Manager to XPO?

Ans. Yes, you can sync them. Once you link your BM to XPO, you or your Knorex Account Manager can sync the campaign into the respective XPO account. Once the campaign is synced with the XPO account, data will start reflecting from that moment.

For historical data, please contact your Account Manager for more details.

2. Do I need to generate a new pixel if I want to sync an existing Facebook campaign in XPO?


Scenario A.  When you have two ad accounts, one for the XPO campaign and another synced to your Facebook campaign and want to run both simultaneously, you have to generate a new pixel and link it to the campaign synced from your BM account.

Scenario B. When you have two ad accounts and you want to continue running the existing Facebook campaign through one XPO ad account and stop the other XPO campaign ad account, you only need to update the current pixel data.

3. Can I receive attribution reports from XPO for my existing Facebook campaigns without syncing my BM account to XPO?

Ans.  Yes, you can receive attribution reports for your existing Facebook campaigns. This is done by generating a Tracker from XPO and embed into your Facebook campaign.

4. Is there an additional fee charged to receive attribution reports without syncing my BM account to XPO?

Ans. Yes, you will need to pay a tracker fee to Knorex as per your signed agreement to receive attribution reports. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

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