How To Create Google (Search/AdWords) Campaigns In XPO

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With XPO, you can launch Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads directly. Similarly, You can easily launch Google Ads (formerly known as "AdWords") campaign in XPO in just a few minutes. Here's how:


Before You Start

You need a valid Google ad account and link it to your XPO Advertiser account. Carry out the following tasks in this order before you can launch a Search campaign in XPO:

  1. Grant XPO access to your My Client Center (MCC) Account.
  2. If you have an existing valid Google ad account link it, otherwise, create one.
  3. Link your valid Google ad account to XPO.
  4. Sync your Search campaigns and/or Search App Install Campaigns to XPO account.



Follow the steps as explained in Campaign Setup article. Specifically for Step 2, select the Google Ad Account that you would like to use.


Billing and Payment

  • For existing ad accounts, after you sync these accounts into XPO, Knorex will invoice only the platform fees based on the signed MSA (Agreement)
  • For new ad accounts created on your MCC Account, payment details are already fed into your account. Once you sync these accounts into XPO, Knorex will invoice only the platform fees based on the signed MSA
  • For new ad accounts created on XPO:

    a. If you choose to configure your own payment details (credit card details or credit line) in your Google Ad account, Knorex will invoice you only the platform fees based on the signed MSA

    b. If you choose to allow Knorex to handle all payments related to the newly created account, we will invoice you both total media spend on AdWords and platform fees as per MSA


1. Can I receive attribution reports from XPO for my existing AdWords campaigns without syncing my MCC account to XPO?

Ans.  Yes, you can receive attribution reports for your existing AdWords campaigns. This is done by generating a Tracker from XPO and embed it into your existing Search campaign.

2. Is there an additional fee charged to receive attribution reports without syncing my MCC account to XPO?

Ans. Yes, you will need to pay a tracker fee to Knorex as per your signed agreement to receive attribution reports. Contact your Account Manager for more details.


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