How To Create Google Universal App Install Campaigns (UAC)

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This feature is only applicable to Search campaigns on Google.

Knorex XPO supports different types of app install campaigns which include:

Google Ad's Universal App Campaigns (UAC)  is an effective way to promote the discovery and installation of your mobile apps and in-app conversions. UAC connects you with your users across Google Search, Google Display, Google Play, and YouTube.


  • Quick Launch a new Campaign

    From your Account Dashboard, click +Quick Launch.. Follow the steps to create a campaign.

  • Select channel as Search and campaign objective as App Install

    • If you have enabled multiple apps in your account settings, only one app can be selected while creating a new campaign, ad group, and/or creative
    • Select Advertiser and Google Ad Account
    • Select Mobile App's Platform and search for your app linked to this account
    • Select KPI as Cost Per Install
  • Targeting Options

    You have the options to select Languages and/or Geo-locations which can be added or removed later from the ad group settings.

  • Add overall and daily budget, and allocate budget to the Search channel

    Shared Budget is not applicable to these campaigns.

  • Search Bidding Strategies

    Install Volume
    • XPO optimizes your bid to achieve a maximum number of new app users. Target Cost Per Install is the average bid amount you'd spend on every new installation.
    • The total budget is optimized to get as many installs as possible at that set bid amount.


    In-App Actions
    • Based on the pre-requisite point 2, the conversion goal needs to be added to use Bidding Strategy "In-App Actions" and is a mandatory step.
    • This is selected to find more valuable users where XPO focuses on audiences who are most likely to complete an in-app action strategy set by you for the campaign. Here, Total Cost Per Action is the average bid amount you'd spend each time the in-app action is performed.
    • The total budget is optimized to get as many app actions as possible at that set bid amount.
    • Select App Conversions which was created by you under pre-requisite point 2

  • Click Save.
  • Go to the Campaign dashboard, create a Search Ad Group for this campaign.
  • From the Creative dashboard, create a Search Creative.

    Select App Install as Creative Type. Click Save.


    • A minimum of two headlines is required for App Install Creatives, with a maximum of five. Each headline has a character limit of 30.
    • You cannot duplicate a headline for the same design creative.


    • A minimum of one description is required for App Install Creatives, with a maximum of five. Each description has a character limit of 90.
    • You cannot duplicate descriptions for the same design creative.

    Select your creative option(s) as Images, Videos and HTML5 files

    • You can upload images, videos (YouTube videos as well), and HTML5 file formats, all of which can be new files or existing ones from your account media library.
    • Ensure all files follow the creative specifications to avoid troubleshooting errors. 
    • You can upload a maximum of 20 Images, Videos, and HTML5 files each, in multiple sizes and formats.
    • If there are any creative errors, XPO prompts suggestions to solve them and save the new design. 

  • Once done, link your creatives to the ad group created in step 6. You can add or remove creatives from targeting options inside the ad group.


  • You can edit, clone, archive, and also view reports for app install campaigns and ad groups for the same account as well as across multiple accounts. 
  • You can sync existing UAC campaigns with their exact strategy, optimization, and data from your Adwords Account into XPO, with no drop in the campaign performance.

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