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XPO comes with the Quick Launch feature to guide you in creating a campaign with multiple ad groups, and creatives, all in a single flow to speed things up.

Watch this how-to video to guide you on how to launch a campaign fast in XPO.


1. Select Quick Launch from the Account Dashboard

2. Fill in campaign details as below:

Compulsory fields:

  • Campaign Name
  • Channel (Programmatic, Facebook and/or Social, Search, & LinkedIn)
  • The objective of the campaign (Types of Campaigns)
  • Advertiser 
  • Facebook Ad Account (if you are creating a Facebook campaign)
  • Google Ad Account (if you are creating a Search campaign)
  • LinkedIn Ad Account (if you are creating a LinkedIn campaign)

  • Scheduling

    Start Date and End Date (if applicable) for your campaign and select the Time Zone you wish to run your campaign in.

  • Budget and Apply Bidding Strategy to All Ad Groups (refer here)


Optional Fields:

  • Campaign Category: Go for the default General option. However, if you want to run ad campaigns that promote credit card offers, loans, housing, or employment, you will need to select the special ad category. This is because these categories have a restriction on Facebook and go through a separate manual approval process by our partners.
  • Impression Capping and Frequency Cap
  • Turn on Footfall attribution if you want to measure the physical walk-ins in correlation to your digital campaigns for your brick and mortar store. An additional 1 dollar CPM will be added to your budget for this service.
  • Conversion Goals like checkout page or booking confirmation page details can be keyed in depending on your objectives.
  • Add Management Fees if Agencies wish to add additional service charges as their management costs.

3. Click Next. 

4. You will proceed to create a new Ad Group.

Learn how to create an Ad Group. You can create any of the below ad groups, depending on your campaign channels.

You can include targeting options such as Audiences, Segments, and Geo from here as well.

5. Once the ad group is created, click CREATE to proceed to create a creative based on your ad group settings in step 4.

Learn how to create a creative.

  • You can link and edit existing creatives from this dashboard.
  • If you wish to create your creative later and save the campaign and ad group details, turn off the toggle "Add creative in the next step", and you will be prompted to save the details by clicking on Exit Quick Launch or select Create Ad Group or Create Creative to proceed.

  • Key in necessary details about your creative such as creative type, creative information like desktop or mobile format to optimize the creative and the size of your creative accordingly.
  • Selecting where your ad creative will be displayed is significant as China and Russia requires a special approval process compared to the rest of the world and takes 24-48 hours.


6. Click Publish.

You are now ready to launch the new campaign, along with the ad group and creative under this account.

If you wish to create more ad groups and creatives for this campaign, select Create Ad Group or Create Creative and you will be redirected to create them.

Budget Field Explained 

Set a Budget Cap for the campaign to limit the total budget allocated for this campaign. Next, set a Daily Spend Cap which is the maximum daily spend for the entire duration of the campaign.


  • "Daily Budget Cap" means sharing the daily budget entered across all Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Programmatic ad groups based on their performance.
  • You also have the option to select the Budget Type - Daily Budget or Lifetime Budget. This is set at the campaign level only. Learn How To Configure Campaign Budget Cap here.

XPO works differently for different objectives set by you. Learn more about campaign objectives & performance metrics here.

A. Automatic Budget Optimization

Enabling Automatic Budget Optimization uses XPO's machine learning engine called KAIROS to recommend and auto allocate budget to different ad groups based on your KPI set. This automated optimization is applicable to all channels (Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Programmatic).


Scenario 1: When Automatic Budget Optimization is ON and Daily Cap is Set 

In this scenario, you have not ticked the toggle "Don't apply daily budget cap to ad groups".

The overall budget is shared based on auto-optimization between the 3 channels. XPO automatically allocates budgets to all channel ad groups. You do not need to set a budget separately, but you are required to set the daily cap for the ad groups.

Budget is shared among all channel ad groups based on the daily cap. (For instance, from the above screenshot, $50 which is the TOTAL daily budget cap that shall be shared among ad groups of all channels)


Scenario 2: When Automatic Budget Optimization is ON and Daily Cap is NOT Set

In this scenario, you have ticked the toggle "Don't apply daily budget cap to all ad groups".

XPO automatically allocates the overall budget to all channel ad groups based on their performances. 

Since the toggle Don't apply daily budget cap to all ad groups is ticked, there will be no limit to the ad group daily spend, and the overall budget will be used purely based on ad group performances. 


Scenario 3: When Automatic Budget Optimization is OFF and Daily Cap is Set


Since you have turned off Automatic Budget Optimization, you have to manually allocate budgets and split them across the channels according to your strategy. Auto optimization will not operate then.

However, in this scenario, you have not ticked the toggle "Don't apply daily budget cap to ad groups", which means the shared budget option (Daily Budget Cap, $50 in the above example) will be used across all ad groups throughout the campaign lifetime. 

Scenario 4: When Automatic Budget Optimization is OFF and Daily Cap is NOT Set

Here, both auto-optimization and shared budget on the daily cap are disabled. You will have to manually control how the budget is spent across ad groups in all channels.


B. Apply Bidding Strategy to All Ad Groups

Previously, bid strategies could only be included at the ad group level and not the campaign level. We now support including your bidding strategy to simplify your campaign launch.

  • If you opt to enable this and select one strategy, it will be used across all channel ad groups under this campaign.
  • If you disable this option, you will be able to individually strategize for ad groups.

Learn more about our Campaign Budget and Pacing options.

Learn more about XPO Targeting Options, XPO Designer, XPO Curator, and DCO to learn more about XPO's powerful tools and features to use in your targeting settings. 

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