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Marketing Across Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platform in the world with over 2.74 billion monthly active users  . Knorex XPO has integrated with Facebook for you get to reach out to anyone you wish to target in the different corners of the world and to optimize and maximize effective advertising on the social networking platform.

As a Facebook Preferred Partner and Triple-Badged partner, Knorex is well positioned to provide you with the expertise to maximize your value out of Facebook ads.


XPO + Facebook

With Knorex XPO cross-channel programmatic advertising platform, which counts Facebook as an essential advertising channel for its customers, the seamless integration between Facebook and XPO enables the easy launch of Facebook campaigns in just minutes using highly automated processes while enabling further cross-channel reach.


Knorex as a Facebook Preferred Business Partner can provide you:

  • Superior insights with strategic marketing practices to its partners and customers
  • Highly automated to serve time-effectiveness with advanced tools and the Facebook certification
  • Attracting quality leads
  • Drive towards marketing goals with Smart Bid Recommendation feature
  • Ensure maximized return on ad spend

You may leverage Knorex XPO’s machine learning capabilities to optimize real-time bidding for Facebook ads and accurately target quality leads with relevant advertisements to audiences.


Facebook Ad Formats Supported in XPO



Facebook Audience 

Leverage data to accurately target the appropriate audiences strategically. Knorex XPO curates relevant ads to an appropriate audience and determines cost-effective bids within your budget through AI technology to generate better quality leads.

You can set up a Facebook campaign based on individual objectives and budgets for each sponsored post.


Getting Started in XPO

Learn how to create your first Facebook campaign in XPO.

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