How to Create Facebook Event Based Audiences?

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This feature is only applicable to Social Media campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook supports creation and engagement of audience based on events   that visitors who have shown interest in events that you published on Facebook.

In XPO, you can choose to retarget such visitors on whether they have responded to one specific or any event on your Facebook Page.

  1. Under the Audience menu, select +Audience to create an audience segment for Social.

  2.  Name your audience segment and choose the advertisers account that you want to create the audience segment for.
  3. Click on Social audience, select Event audience to create this event-based audience.
  4. Select the Facebook Ad account that you want to create your audience in.

    Choose among the following catalog types to match with your business category (learn more on Facebook ):
        • Travel (Hotel, flight, destination)
        • Real Estate (Home listing)
        • Automobiles (Vehicles)
        • Product (NOT SUPPORTED)
  5. Select Data Source. For now, we only support pixel associated with the selected ad account. Only one pixel is supported.
  6. Select one Catalog Type that you want to create an event-based audience.

    Here, you may include (limited to single rule) or exclude (one or more rules) the audience based on their engagements with your Facebook event page (e.g. people who have viewed content, purchase etc.), these are the type of engagements/actions that are supported by Facebook:
        • Search
        • View Content
        • Purchase
        • Initiate Checkout
        • Add to wish list (Automobile only)
        • Lead (Automobile only)

          Depending on the Catalog type, further options are available for limiting the targeting. For instance, under Travel catalog type, you will be able to limit targeting based on their days-to-travel window.

          Under the Catalog type: Travel   Flight Catalog, you have the option to Upsell where promotion/upselling is automated (e.g. to automatically target a flight purchase audience with a hotel set or another flight set, highlighting seat selection etc), otherwise you will need to include (limited to single rule) or exclude (one or more rules) the people based on their engagements.

          • Number of days limitation is from 0 day to a maximum of 180 days.
          • You can only edit name of the audience
          • You can archive the audience from action button.
  7. Click Save to create the event audience, the Audience Type will display as FB-Dynamic Audience Claim.


Linking / Unlinking

You can only link Event Audience of the same type to the matching catalog ad groups only. For example, you can link Flight event audience to Flight catalog ad group or Destination and not Automobiles.

Audience Type will display FB-Claim while linking to ad group.

You can:

  1. Link multiple audience to single ad group and single audience to multiple ad group.
  2. Remove single audience or remove all audience.
  3. Audience size will display alongside with with audience name.

Any audience segment created here will be created on Facebook under the selected ad account.

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