How to Create Facebook Video Engagement Custom Audience?

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  • This feature is only applicable to Facebook campaigns.


XPO supports the creation of Facebook video engagement custom audience  . This custom audience can be created based on people who saw your video on Facebook or Instagram, thus letting you retarget them. The videos include those delivered via feed, stories, and other eligible placements on Facebook and Instagram. 

This is very similar to First-Party Video Audience found in programmatic video campaigns.



  1. Create a new Audience Segment
    • From the menu: Audience > Segment: Social (Facebook), Type of Facebook Audience: Video Audience.
    • Select the Advertiser Account, and link the Facebook Account to create this audience segment. 

  2. Select the Facebook page from the populated dropdown page list linked to the selected Facebook ad account.
  3. Choose a video (or multiple videos) from the dropdown list. This list will include all video ads created for the selected Facebook page under the selected Facebook Ad Account from step 1.

  4. Create your own rule groups (with a maximum of 7 rules with an OR relationship between the selected videos) for your target audience based on video engagement levels, which include:

        • Have viewed at least 3 seconds of your video
        • Have viewed at least 10 seconds of your video
        • Have viewed at least 15 seconds of your video
        • Have viewed at least 25% of your video
        • Have viewed at least 50% of your video
        • Have viewed at least 75% of your video
        • Have viewed at least 95% of your video
  5. Specify the period of consideration for creating the rule(s). The look-back window lies between 1 to 365days. The default setting will be 365 days. Click Save.
  6. View the newly created segment from the Audience dashboard and link it to your Facebook campaign and ad groups. 



  • If a linked video (to XPO) is deleted from Facebook, the audience segment will remain usable for your campaign in XPO since the audience is being synced over from Facebook, unless you have removed the video audience in Facebook.
  • You can clone, archive, and edit the custom audience by updating the name, add/remove existing rules, and update the look-back window.
  • You can create a lookalike audience segment based on this Facebook video engagement custom audience.
  • You can sync video audiences from your Facebook Ad Account.

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