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XPO is an advertising management control system that lets marketers purposefully designed for ad agencies and enterprises looking to scale and automate their advertising across the spectrum of programmatic, social, search, and direct placements, to enable end-to-end, cross-channel digital marketing execution.

XPO comes ready with a rich suite of modules and applications, with enterprise-grade API for integration with your existing workflow. There are bulk operations tools specially designed to let your team manage a large number of advertising accounts, account management tools, and many more capabilities to let you manage scale with ease.


Why White Label XPO?

By white labeling XPO, these are some of the key immediate benefits that you get to enjoy:

  • Boost your brand visibility and provide a unique and personalized experience for your users and customers, fully customized with your corporate branding.
  • Gain instant access to a suite of rich and powerful cross-channel features and capabilities within XPO that we have invested more than a decade's worth of R&D dollars without you having to reinvent the wheel. You get a proven turnkey solution that continues to be refined with customers' inputs from worldwide.
  • Gain continued access to our innovations and patented technologies, ready-to-scale extensive cloud infrastructure and technical support at a fraction of the huge cost that you might otherwise have to invest, all without any guarantee of success. Save huge amount of time and money!
  • Opportunity to focus on your core business competency and expertise to grow your business, while letting us take care of this part of business for you.  


Standard vs Full White Label

White label opportunity is available under these XPO subscription plans: Professional, Business and Enterprise. Reach out to us if you would like to white label XPO for your business.



Configure Theme Configuration

XPO offers you different levels of theme configuration with the white label option to meet your business need. See details on How Do I Change the Theme in XPO?.

  • Setting the theme configuration on Partner Account level will mean that all accounts, regardless of new or existing accounts, will adopt and use this same configuration.

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