KNOREX XPO™ is a full-stack online advertising platform, designed and built from the ground-up for media agencies and advertisers to deliver personalized experience to the right audience with the right marketing message. It comes with an API that you can integrate with your existing workflow if you are not using it as a complete system.


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XPO Modules

The XPO platform comes with these modules:

  • XPO Media Broker - Use this as the Demand-side Platform (DSP) to bid for media programmatically using smart optimization algorithms while getting access to the best and leading ad exchanges in the world, ensuring that you reach out to the widest audience worldwide.

  • XPO Designer - Use this to create or assemble highly interactive and stylish Dynamic Ads (view ad gallery). Dynamic Ads can be connected to feeds to enable display of content that can be refreshed and updated in real time.

  • XPO Curator - Use this to scrape, curate and assemble/mix your contents and data from social media, websites, RSS feeds, blogs, etc. A good example of this is to create product feed based on your product catalog for your e-commerce website/e-store.

  • XPO ARENA - Use this as an ad server to perform third-party ad serving and for trafficking capabilities, such as retargeting, dynamic ad tracking, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and more.

  • XPO Reporting, Tracking, and Attribution - Use this to do standard ad tracking including conversion and view-through tracking to provide detailed reporting on various aspects of campaigns, line items and the creatives, and most importantly you can do cross-device attribution while on it. 



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