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KNOREX XPO is an advertising management control platform designed for advertising buyers to deliver personalized marketing messages in real-time. connect with the right audience at the right moment to deliver them personalized marketing message in real-time.

XPO Platform Modules

The XPO Platform comes with a suite of powerful modules to enable end-to-end digital marketing execution. With XPO, you have the option to use the modules independently or use XPO APIs to seamlessly integrate XPO with your existing systems and workflows.

XPO consists of the following modules:

  • Media buying and execution: Typically also known as Demand-Side Platform (DSP) in the industry. In XPO, we support programmatic media buying and execution into:
    • (a) openRTB-based media into world's ad exchanges; and
    • (b) paid social media (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) and paid search (Google Search).
  • Ad builder (XPO Designer): Easily create ads in varying sizes and channels, including building interactive and stylish Dynamic Ads which can be linked to data feeds or product catalogs.
  • Feeds builder (XPO Curator): - Scrape, curate, and assemble/mix your content and data from social media, websites, RSS feeds, blogs, and more. A good example of this is to create a product feed based on your product catalog for your e-commerce website/e-store.
  • Admin dashboard: Features a range of administrative activities including accounts management, user management, fees management, ad serving for trafficking capabilities, and more.
  • Reports and analytics: Gain valuable insights with detailed reporting, attribution analysis across creatives and line items, and cross-device attribution capabilities.



How ads are delivered via XPO

  1. Log in to your Partner Dashboard or Advertiser Dashboard.
  2. Click Quick Launch to start a new Programmatic, Social or Search campaign. Learn more.
  3. Knorex XPO ad tags are compliant with multiple supported platforms, and you can publish or traffic ads directly from XPO into these platforms.
  4. Based on your campaign budget and pacing strategies, your final ad message/creative will be published to your target audience.

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