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What is a pixel?

A tracking pixel (or pixel for short) is an HTML code snippet or a script that is loaded when a user visits a website or opens an email. It is useful for tracking user behavior and ad conversions.

With a tracking pixel, advertisers can acquire data for online marketing, web analysis, or email marketing. With log file analysis, in-depth data evaluation, or using appropriate analytical tools, such data can be used for other different purposes, e.g. remarketing/retargeting.


How does pixel work?

When a pixel is embedded into a website, an online ad, or a marketing email. Each time a user loads that site, ad, or email in their web browser, the pixel is automatically loaded.

This event triggers a request to the webserver. The server then sends the pixel to the user’s unique IP address (a string of numbers that identifies each machine connected to a computer network) and that address is logged by the webserver.


Why should I embed XPO pixel on to my website?

Embedding XPO pixel on your website provides you the opportunity to have understanding of the audience visiting your website (i.e. reinforcing your effort towards building your first-party data):

  1. Record and measure the number of your campaign goal conversions (e.g. booking, registration, purchase, etc.).
  2. Create and collect the pool of audience or visitors to your or your client's website. Such data will help you to develop better understanding of your audience. You can use such data for many purposes in your ad campaigns, e.g. to create lookalike audience, remarketing (see diagram below) etc.
  3. Gather necessary audience behavior and other type of information (as consented or allowed), in order to perform campaign optimization and analytical report, ie, User ID, Order ID, Destination, Room type, etc


How do I track conversion on my mobile app?

Mobile apps require a different approach to track conversion, unlike how you do for website. Check out Mobile Measurement Platforms.


Types of XPO pixel and purposes

There are 2 types of pixel that XPO uses across all the campaigns:

1. Conversion pixel

This pixel enables you to identify customers who are converting (sales booking, sign up etc.) as well as customers who are leaving your sales or conversion funnel. This lets you track the number of such conversion events. Check out the following articles:


2. Remarketing pixel

This pixel enables you to target/re-target to visitors of your website using the relevant ads based on their interest or behavior on your website. Check out the following articles:

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