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TikTok   is the leading destination for short-form mobile video, providing content that is exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. As one of the most popular apps in the world, TikTok provides companies an opportunity to reach a large community of users who prioritize entertainment and authenticity.

Knorex has integrated with TikTok to allow our customers to create campaigns in XPO and successfully run their Ads on TikTok Manager. 


  • You must have your TikTok Business Manager account. It is mandatory to have at least one TikTok User account on TikTok with Ads Manager and/or Ad accounts.
  • You should have access to manage the TikTok page as well as the account allocation page. Learn more here.
  • Once you have allocated the TikTok Account to the XPO account, It will reflect in XPO Campaign creation and you can successfully create TikTok campaigns/ad groups and creatives.

A. Create TikTok Campaigns In XPO

  1. Quick Launch a new campaign and select TikTok as your channel. 
  2. TikTok has two objectives to choose from - Conversion or Traffic.


  3. Select ONE TikTok Ad Account which is allocated to your XPO account.
    Apart from the already allocated ones, in the dropdown, you can also Add new Ad accounts. Once you click, you will be navigated to the Manage TikTok page from where you can allocate a new ad account to your XPO account.

  4. Select the schedule for the campaign, i.e. Timezone in which your campaign will run. The advertiser timezone will be auto-selected.
  5. Select start date and end date (can be a future date but not a past date).
  6. Under the Budget field, you can set the overall budget cap and daily budget cap at the campaign level. This is a non-mandatory field.
  7. If you have selected only TikTok as your Channel, then, 100% budget will be allocated to TikTok. If multiple channels are selected then you can manually allocate the budget to TikTok based on your strategy.


  8. You can enable the Bidding strategy from the campaign level. Selected values will be applied to each ad group under this campaign.
  9. Once you click Save, the TikTok campaign is successfully created. However, the status will be in Draft as no ad group has been created yet.

B. Create TikTok Ad Groups In XPO

  1. After completing Step A, proceed to create your strategy by clicking on +Ad Group.
  2. TikTok would automatically be chosen if it was the only channel selected in the campaign form.
  3. Providing a budget is mandatory. 

    Budget Setting
    • Budget is the total amount of money you are willing to spend for running ads. This way you can also control the overall costs for campaigns and ad groups.

    • There are two types of budgets: lifetime budgets, and daily budgets. Once the campaign is published you can not change the budget type.

    • The lifetime budget is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the campaign or ad group during the entire defined period the ad is run.

    • Daily Budget is the maximum you are willing to spend on a campaign or ad group per day.




  4. Schedule the ad group under the campaign by setting the start and end dates. The Timezone will be automatically selected based on the campaign level. 
    The Start date must be after the campaign's start date.
    The End date must be before or the same as the campaign’s end date. If your campaign was created without an end date, you can create the ad group without any end date.
  5. Targeting options.

    Targeting Mode

    There are two types of modes available:

    1. Custom Targeting: Manually set your targeting settings for what kind of users you want to show your ads to.

    2. Automatic Targeting: Automatically optimize your targeting settings according to your advertising objective, the content of your ad, past campaign data, and more.

    Custom Targeting

    You can decide which type of users you want to show ads to. Below are the targeting options:


    TikTok Ad Manager gives advertisers numerous options when deciding what type of placement is best. While they recommend delivering ads across all apps to increase potential traffic, you can select your preferred placement type when creating an ad group.

    Placements cannot be changed after the ad group is saved successfully.

    There are two types of Placements:

    • Automatic Placement: uses all the available placements to offer you the best result for your ad. In this mode, the ad system explores and learns from the most extensive audience scope, and places your ads across various applications.
      TikTok recommends this type of placement to most advertisers.
    • Select Placement: manually choose the apps you wish to deliver your ads on. Here, TikTok recommends selecting multiple placements (more than one app) so that you have some flexibility to deliver ads and maximize results.
    • You will not be able to change the placement once the ad group is saved.


    Along with selecting the placement, you have advanced setting options which are supported by TikTok. You can enable/disable these options:
    • User Comments: If enabled, your ads will most likely achieve more impressions and conversions. You can hide, pin, and reply to comments using TikTok comment management tools.
    • Video Download: If enabled, you allow users to download your Video ads.
    • Block List (Pangle): Block List is a function that prevents your ads from appearing on certain media platforms giving you control and ensuring your brand's security. You can create a block list and use it in your ad group, however, this might result in fewer impressions.


    Geo Locations
    • Location targeting helps us to determine the countries/markets where the ads will be delivered.  You can select one or more Country/Region, State/Province, Metro Areas, City, and US DMA in this field.
    • Click on +Add, and the list of locations will be listed. You can search and add your desired options too.
    • Selecting at least one Location is mandatory. An error message will pop up if you proceed without selecting any location.


    • Click on +Add in the Languages widget.
    • All Languages supported by TikTok will be listed in the dropdown and you can select any Language to target.
    • It is recommended to select the most common language(s) used in the Location you chose.
    • If you don’t select any Language, there will be no control over what language your ads will target.


    Age & Gender
    • If you wish to limit Ad delivery to a specific Gender or Specific Age group, you can add it here.
    • For the Age factor, you can select from the different group(s) options provided by TikTok.
    • Opt for Male or Female under Gender.


    Interest Targeting is a way of finding people based on their long-term interests and interaction with content on TikTok. Using Interest Targeting is a great way to find a relevant audience for your ads.

    • +Add from the Interests widget.
    • You can select the Interest(s) from the dropdown.

    User Behaviors Behavior Targeting lets you deliver ads based on the user's recent in-app behavior on TikTok. This can be an efficient method to improve campaign effectiveness. Behavior targeting focuses on a user's recent interactions with content.
    • +Add from the Behaviors widget.
    • There are three behavior categories you can choose from:

    A. Video related behavior:

    • People who've carried out different interactions with videos.
    • Target users who have watched to end, liked, commented, or shared some content category.
    • Click +Add and select the listed category(s) from the dropdown.
    • Categories define what kind of videos user’s have interacted with.
    • You can include a look-back window as either 7 days or 15 days.

    B. Follower related behavior:

    • People who've carried out different interactions with creators.
    • Target users who follow certain types of Creators on TikTok or target users who have viewed the homepage of certain types of Creators on TikTok.
    • Click on +Add button to select a category from the list, these categories define what kind of creators user’s have interacted with.
    • You can also select options such as Followed or View Profile to determine how users have interacted with creators.

    C. Hashtag Interactions :

    • Target users who have watched videos with different hashtags.
    • To enable hashtag targeting, click on +Add and select hashtags from the list.
    • You can also search and add hashtags to the list. 


    Dayparting Settings
    • If you want to select "when" your ads should Run and at which specific time, select the options from Dayparting settings.
    • You should be able to select options as All Day/ Weekdays/ Weekends and Weekdays (9 to 5).


    Target people based on their device setting. The different options here include:

    • Operating System (OS): Select either All, Android, or iOS. If you select All, then you should be able to select OS from both Android and iOS.

    • Device Model: Select device model(s) from the list of supported models.

    • Connection Types: Select connection type(s).

    • Carriers: Select the network operator(s) you wish to target.

    • Price of Device: Select the price range of the devices you want to target, from $1000 onwards. You may add your desired price as well. 


    Creative Type

    Here, you don't have to manage the efficiency of your ads manually, instead, use the option to optimize efficiency automatically.

    • Once you enable the toggle Automated Creative Optimization, XPO will manage your ads more efficiently and effectively by automatically finding high-performing combinations of your creative assets.
    • With Automated Creative Optimization, you can upload images or videos, add text, and select our call-to-action (CTA) buttons.
    • XPO then automatically combines the creative assets into multiple ads for your campaign.
    • These ads get continuously explored, evaluated, and optimized to find the optimal combination of variables. XPO then presents the best creative to your target audience based on the tested combinations.
    • You will not be able to change the creative type once the ad group is saved.


    Automatic Targeting

    Automatically optimize your targeting settings according to your advertising objective, the content of your ad, past campaign data, etc.

    If you select this option in XPO, you will not have to do the whole targeting set up manually. With this mode, you can set up the below-targeting options: 

    • Geo Location: ​Target users based on their location. Country/Region, State/Province, Metro Areas, City, and US DMA. 
    • Languages: Target users based on the app language. 


    Bidding Strategy

    There are various types of bidding strategies available that depend on your overall strategy and objectives.

    • Bidding strategy for TikTok is based on the two supported objectives - Traffic and Conversions.
    • TikTok supports three bidding strategies - Bid Cap, Cost Cap, and Lowest Cost.
    • You will not be able to change the bidding strategy once the ad group is saved.



C. Create TikTok Creatives In XPO

  1. Create your TikTok Creative or link an existing one.
  2. Here's a detailed article on how to create a TikTok creative in XPO.

Once you have saved & published your Campaign, Ad Group, and Creative, your campaign goes live.

  • You can edit, clone, delete, pause, & resume campaigns and ad groups in XPO.
  • You can synchronize with TikTok. If you have made changes to a campaign or an ad group directly on TikTok, you can sync those TikTok campaigns/ad group's into XPO. Learn more here.

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