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XPO offers you different levels of theme configuration.



Available Options

Corporate Branding

  • Company logo (recommended logo ratio is 3:1) and favicon

  • Corporate color scheme
    (Main, secondary, logo background, title, portlet title, navbar, navbar title, pagination, button, button default, button default focus, button default focus border, button default active, notification, notification icon colors) 

  • Webpage titles

Locale Settings

  • Date Format: For instance, if the format is selected as MM/DD/YYYY then while creating a campaign, the format start date/end date field will show in MM/DD/YYYY

  • Distance Unit: This will set the system-wide distance unit (in miles or kilometers), for instance, used when setting radius for geotargeting

  • Country: This will be the default location added in the geolocation targeting while creating a campaign/ad group

For currency and timezone settings, they are available by default for XPO.

Additional Settings
  • Show Demo Data: Enable this option to auto-populate sample spend data for all demo accounts, otherwise all the demo accounts will be shown $0 as a start

  • Show External Campaign Data: Enable this option to show spend data from campaigns that are not listed in XPO. For example, LinkedIn campaigns data

  • Show Campaign Contract Information: Enable this option to show the contract information when setting up a new campaign

  • Hide Troubleshooting: Enable this option to hide the troubleshooting wide to users who have Account manager access on the campaign and ad group detail pages

  • Enable UTM Params: Enable this option if you want to set UTM parameters and apply it to all the ads using the same parameters

  • Custom SSO Link: For a customized SSO link you can include that and once you login/logout from XPO, you will be taken back to this URL

  • Custom XPO Link: You can provide a custom URL here for the XPO starting URL

Footer Settings
  • Receive User Feedbacks via an email id

  • Show Copyright Name

  • Enable Company supplied Terms of Use (with URL)

  • Enable Company supplied Privacy Policy (with URL)

  • Enable Powered By Text or URL

Email Configuration
  • Logo Image: With an image URL, all emails will have your logo. For example, report emails or creative share link emails

  • Email Report Subject: You can also set up the title of the email. Once configured your clients will receive all the emails with the set subject

  • Email From: You can set up a custom sender of all your emails, such as;

  • Inform Us At: Add a customer service email id to allow clients to reach out to you

  • Visit Us At: Add a landing URL of your website to navigate prospects to the website for more information

  • Signature Name: For example, The Knorex Team

  • Has Border: If enabled, the email will have a border

  • Visit URL Color: The visit URL color is to set a color for the URL that shows your landing URL

  • Title Color: The title color of the email can be set. For instance, Share Insight Report or Download Report, etc.

  • Email Background Color

  • Title Background Color
  • Footer Color

  • Setting the theme configuration on Partner Account level will mean that all accounts, regardless of new or existing accounts, will adopt and use this same configuration.

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