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Q. 1. Which data source or partner do you use for Visa cardholder data?

Ans. The data is provided by Visa via Oracle Data Cloud.

Q. 2. Do you have a travel data partner who can target audiences interested in traveling to different countries? 

Ans. XPO is integrated with Oracle Data Cloud, one of the biggest partners to aggregate and curate audience data based on their interests and who are looking to travel to specific locations.

Q. 3. What are the types of audience targeting available in XPO other than demographic data such as gender and age?

Ans. Besides gender and age, you can target audiences based on marital status, family size, financial status, interest-based audiences from our Third-Party data providers like Oracle, Datalogix, Mobilewalla, etc. You can have a look at our supported data management platforms.

Have a look at XPO's Targeting Options.

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