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Knorex XPO supports different types of app install campaigns which include:

Programmatic App Install Campaigns are app install ads shown across as Display, Video, Native, and OTT/CTV marketing channels, where users are then directed to install the app from the app store.


Before You Start

Learn about XPO's pre-requisites for creating them.



1. Launch a new Campaign

  • Select channel as Programmatic and campaign objective as App Install.
  • Select the Advertiser Account.
  • Select KPI as Cost Per Install and key in KPI Amount.

  • You need to specify at least one app install conversion goal for your campaign as explained in pre-requisites point 2
  • All conversions created for programmatic channels will appear in the dropdown list


2. Create a Programmatic Ad Group for this campaign.

  • The required Bidding Strategy is Cost per install

3. Save the Ad Group. 

4. Create App Install Programmatic Creative.

Accepted creative size formats for these app install campaigns are:

  • 320px x 480px
  • 320px x 50px or/and
  • 300px x 250px

5. Once you save the creative, link it to the ad group created in step 2.
Your campaign will now be live.

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