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Q. How do we know if conversions are cross-device conversions?

Ans: You need to download the attribution reports first, please have a look at Generating Attribution Reports to know how to do it. Once you receive the reports sent by Knorex Support via email, you can refer to the column of Cross-Device as one of the parameters in the detailed (attributed) report. The value Yes means a user views/clicks ads on one device (e.g.: laptop) and gets converted to another device (e.g.: mobile).


Q. Regarding cross-device conversions, are we able to know on which device a user views/clicks and to which device he/she gets converted?

Ans: A device, where a user gets converted, is shown under Device Type in the detailed (attributed) report. Currently, we do not have Impression device (where an ad is viewed) in the report, it will soon be updated.


Q. Can we track conversion based on components of a creative?

Ans: We can track conversions based on the performance of a creative and will support creative components tracking soon! Check out our New Features page to keep track of the latest releases!

Q. What type of report is available and how frequent is it?

Ans: You can access real-time reporting from the platform. Reporting data is subject to a 2-hour delay from live data. Our platform supports 2 types of reports: standard insight report and different attribution model report. Check out Understanding Reporting for more information.

Q. Do you support cross-channel attribution?

Ans: Yes, we support cross-device attribution reports. We are integrated with Tapad which enables us to identify the same user across different devices.

Q. Does XPO support reports in my local time zone?

Ans: Yes, reports can be switched to a supported time zone at the report level while XPO campaign is conducted at the account level.


Q. Why are there differences in measurement when using a Site Analytic software when compared with when using an ad tracker in measuring impressions?

Ans: This article provides a good explanation https://support.google.com/dfp_premium/answer/177507?hl=en.

Q. Why are the numbers between XPO reporting different or not matching with the numbers from other reports /systems? Why is there such a discrepancy?

Ans: There are multiple reasons for this. Such discrepancies could be due to XPO and your other tracking partner are measuring different things e.g. when XPO delivers click number, we apply our own proprietary methods of de-duplication and fraud screening. We follow all industry best practices in the design, operation, and both internal and external monitoring of the click redirect handlers. This discrepancy would also occur between systems e.g. Google DFP vs Google DCM and Google Analytics vs DFP. Also, the placements of the trackers would also make a difference. 

Q. Why is there a discrepancy between Google Analytics and XPO? 

Ans: Google Analytics (GA) is a tool meant for measuring website traffic. It is not meant for counting ads impressions. In the case of measuring "clicks" and "visitors", GA counts “visitors” whereas XPO counts “clicks”. Google counts “visits” using a proprietary algorithm with a 30-minute sliding window. The GA numbers are de-duplicated by IP address over a 30-minute sliding window (repeat clicks in the window are counted once). XPO clicks are counted as they occur, with a 1-second de-duplication window.

See other comments from other vendors:

  1. https://www.simpli.fi/blog/adtech-mythbuster-series-discrepancies-google-analytics/

  2. https://blog.kissmetrics.com/tackling-click-discrepancies/

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