How To Set Up App Install Campaigns In XPO

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1. Configure Mobile App(s) To Link To XPO

  • From Actions, select Edit Account Information and scroll down to Mobile App to select your mobile platform (Android or iOS) for the app to link it to XPO. Click Save.

  • Once done, the apps will be shown while creating your app install campaign for the respective account.

Take note that the App ID for iOS and Android are represented differently, and may look something like this:

  • iOS = id1234567890
  • Android = com.sampleapp.rewards


2. Create Conversion Goals

App conversions are in-app events or actions taken by a prospect. These actions come in the form of in-app purchases, opting in for push notifications, or adding items to a shopping cart.

Follow the steps based on the MMP that you are using to configure your goals in XPO.


(A) Follow this if you are using third-party mobile measurement partners, like, Appsflyer, and Adjust

From XPO Account Dashboard

  • You can create app conversion goals for your iOS and Android mobile apps using conversion tracking goals to help you see how effectively your ads are generating installs and in-app activity.
  • From your Account Dashboard, click on Pixels from the menu bar and select conversions.

  • Create a new conversion goal.

  • Name your conversion goal, select conversion type, and for the Mobile app type, choose the iOS or Android app linked to this account for your new conversion goal.


(B) Follow this if you are using MMP such as Firebase and/or Native Facebook SDK

    • Firebase is only supported for Google's Universal App Install Campaigns and Facebook App Install Campaigns.
    • Firebase is not supported for Programmatic Channels.


After completing Step 1 and Step 2(B) as explained above, you will need to go to your Facebook App to authorize the Facebook Ad account ID to complete the linking process.




Q. Can I run app install campaigns in XPO and use third-party providers such as Appsflyer,, and/or Adjust as my Mobile Measurement Partner?

Ans. Yes, these are the MMPs supported in XPO.

Q. If I do not have an app in an app store, can I use APK files    to run these campaigns?

Ans. Yes, it is possible. You will need to link the APK files using any of the MMPs supported in XPO.

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