How To Sync My Facebook Campaigns Into XPO

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Ensure that you have granted access to your Facebook Business Manager (FBM) before you proceed with the following.

Why sync your campaigns to XPO?

  • To make available one or more of your Facebook campaigns that you selected to be available in XPO for your direct execution.
  • You get to leverage on XPO to easily manage and automate for cross-channel.
  • Any subsequent change that you make to your Facebook campaigns in XPO, will be directly pushed and effected into Facebook automatically. As the sync is uni-direction, after you have synced XPO and Facebook, you can directly operate on XPO.

What is synced over from Facebook?

  • Default will be 30 days of your campaigns, including its setup/configuration, ad groups and metrics will be synced over to XPO. This enables you to view these Facebook campaign reports in XPO. If you require data beyond that, kindly reach out to Knorex Customer Success.
  • Audience that is used with respect to the campaigns synced over.

Instructions to sync

  • From Partner Dashboard, click Utility > Manage Facebook.

  • You will be directed to Facebook Account Management under the XPO Admin Dashboard.

  • Under Manage Accounts tab, go to the Facebook ad account that you wish to sync the campaigns in that Facebook account into XPO by clicking on Actions and then Sync Campaigns.


  • After syncing the campaigns, click on Allocate Campaigns (or Allocate Pages, Audiences, and/or Applications) and fill in the account details accordingly.


  • You will see a list of all the campaigns that are under that Facebook Account. Click on one or more of the checkboxes to allocate that campaign(s) to XPO. Click Save to proceed.


  • The allocated campaigns will now be shown on your campaign dashboard.
  • Go to your Campaign dashboard of XPO Advertiser Account and select Click to initialize campaign data from Facebook to complete the syncing of campaigns into XPO. 

Once you have sync your campaign over, you can start creating Facebook campaigns in XPO. Subsequently after you have synced FB campagins over to XPO, and you create campaigns in Facebook directly, then you would have to re-sync the campaigns into XPO to make them available in XPO.

What If I Want to Sync My Existing Facebook App Campaign instead? 

  • Repeat Step 1 and 2 as shown above.
  • This time, click on the Allocate Application tab instead.
  • Key in your Facebook Account, XPO Account, and Advertiser Account that you wish to sync the app conversion details into and click Save.
  • Once the app is synced into XPO, it will be reflected in your XPO Admin Dashboard -> Facebook Account Management.

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