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PMP (Publisher Management Platform) is best described as a private auction area with a fixed number of buyers and sellers bidding for inventory space. Deals can be customized to meet the targeting requirements of your campaign.


Knorex XPO has over 500 deals already in place for various industries and markets around the globe.

If you would like a deal set up specifically for your campaign, contact your Customer Success Manager or Submit a Request here so we can better understand your requirements and help you achieve your objectives.

Steps To Setup PMP Deals In XPO

The set-up for PMP Deals is conducted on the supply side. At Knorex, we are connected to over 100 suppliers who provide us with exclusive deals to meet our clients' requirements. XPO has already offered over 500 deals integrated into the system. If you require a PMP Deal set up specifically for your campaign, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Submit a Request here.

Alternatively, if you already have a pre-existing PMP deal from your own supply vendor, you can set it up on XPO to use for your campaigns. Please follow the video and steps:

  1. Log in to XPO Media Broker, click on the Settings tab and click on Publisher Management Platform. Click on + New Deal. 
  2. Fill in the information for the new deal: 
      • Name: give the deal a name you will be able to quickly identify.
      • Supply vendor: Select one from the dropdown list (if you cannot find your supply vendor, please contact your Knorex Account Manager)
      • Deal Code: Key in the deal code provided by the supply vendor
      • Floor price: the floor price set by your supply vendor. It is for your reference to set a base bid for your campaigns
      • Seller name: it is optional
      • Start/End date: The expiration date of the deal
      • Inventory Type: Either Preferred deal or private auction
      • Inventory access: select one or more accounts you wish to give access to the deal
  3. Click Save once you finish all the steps.

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