How To Generate Ad Tags In XPO For Ad Trafficking

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This feature is accessible from XPO Admin Dashboard. It is used for ad serving/trafficking purpose.

    1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to Campaign menu >> Manage Campaigns and select the campaign you need the ad tag from.


    2. From the selected campaign, choose the ad units (creatives) you wish to download the ad tags from.
    3. Link the ad units to your desired Publishers. Go to Other Ad Units as shown below, choose the Publishers, and click Link.

    4. Once done, to download your Ad Tags, you can either:
      1.  Select one ad unit's ad tag from the Actions dropdown menu and click on Download Ad Tag.

      2. Download Ad Tags for all the ad units under the selected campaign.


      3. You can choose to Send Ad Tags to recipients directly by entering their email ids.



    5. The ad tags will be saved in an Excel format on your computers.

      These are now placed individually into different ad inventory space(s) on which your creatives are displayed. With this tag, Knorex captures the activities, engagements, and intentions of visitors navigating through different publishers and multiple traffic sources. Learn more about Ad Tags here.

To sync the campaigns created from Admin Dashboard into the XPO dashboard, from the Actions menu, click on Sync with Media Broker. Screenshot_2021-09-21_at_3.38.26_PM.jpg


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