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This feature is only applicable to Partner Admins. For more details on roles & permissions, visit this page.

In XPO you can use the ROI and Benchmark widget to further analyze your campaign performance insights. This is done by setting campaign benchmarks and then comparing them with the original performance. Similarly, based on your selected goals, you can do an ROI analysis. 

1) Pre-Requisites In Admin Dashboard

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to the Utility menu and select Report Settings.

  2. Click + New Benchmark. 

      • Name the benchmark and select either one or more of the accounts under this Partner.
      • Key in your benchmark figures for the respective channels.

    Benchmark Performance widget will compare your campaign results against the set benchmarks


    • Adding metrics and their corresponding value is mandatory.
    • The Account selection field is not mandatory.
    • Multiple Metrics can be added to the Benchmark report.
    • Each metric can be added only once and will be removed from the dropdown list after.

    Type of Metrics supported
    CPM, CPC, CTR, ER, CPA, ROI, CPP (cost per phone call), conversion rate, CPV, CPCV, CPL (cost per lead), CPI, CPCAV (cost per completed audio view)

    Max value for the Metrics

    Benchmark values can be in % or USD and is based on the metric selected:

    • CPM <1000 USD
    • CPC <100 USD
    • CTR <20%
    • ER <50%
    • CPA (no limit)
    • ROI (no limit)
    • CPP (cost per phone call) (no limit)
    • Conversion Rate (50%)
    • CPV <100
    • CPCV <100
    • CPL (cost per lead)(no limit)
    • CPCAV (cost per completed audio view) <100 USD

  3. Click + New ROI Analysis.

    ROI Analysis widget will calculate ROI based on your campaign’s objective and results
    • You can add more than one conversion goal type.
    • Type of goals supported:
      • Conversion (e.g. Thank-you page, FB Purchase page)
      • Conversion (e.g. Lead Generation Thank-you page, FB Lead page)
      • Conversion (e.g. Form Registration Thank-you page, FB Complete Registration page)
      • Footfall
      • Install
      • Download
      • First Open
      • In-App Purchase
    • Each goal type can be added only once and will be removed from the dropdown list after.
    • You can remove a goal type in the ROI Analysis report.
    • You can Edit the ROI analysis where you can change the Close Rate, Customer Lifetime Value, and can add more conversion goal types also.

    • All Accounts under the Partner as well as when you create a new Partner Account, the default Report settings will be cloned, which can be edited too.
    • When you change or update the Partner Reports settings, it will apply to all the Accounts under the Partner.

2) Overview Of ROI Analysis & Benchmark Performances In XPO Dashboard

Once you have completed the pre-requisites explained in step 1, you will be able to analyze ROI and Benchmarks in: 

      • Partner Dashboard
      • Account Dashboard
      • Both Partner level and Account level share and/or email reports
      • Campaign/ Ad Group/ Creative Insight reports

A) Benchmark Settings in XPO

Benchmark metrics selected for a partner will be displayed on the dashboard as well as the reports shared/emailed from the Partner/Account dashboard. This will show along with the benchmark values keyed while creating the benchmark in pre-requisite step 2.

  • Fixed benchmark values will be displayed on the Partner dashboard in the Partner’s currency and on the Account dashboard in the Account currency. Similarly, the shared or email report's fixed values will be shown in the respective Partner or Account currencies.
  • All % values will follow the same values set in the admin dashboard (pre-requisites).

  • Since you set your Benchmarks based on channels selected in the admin dashboard (pre-requisites), it follows the same channel-wise view on your XPO dashboard too.
  • If you selected 2 metrics for the Programmatic channel and 4 metrics for the Social channel, the benchmark will show channel-wise respectively on the XPO dashboard and Insight report.
  • If however, a Benchmark is not set for any Partner or Account, you will see a detailed message on XPO UI with an option as Edit Benchmarks. This allows you to set a Benchmark for that Partner or Account.

  • When you click on Edit benchmarks on the Partner/Account dashboard, you will be redirected to the Admin Dashboard. You will need to follow the pre-requisites as explained in step 1.
  • Edit Benchmarks option will also be available on the Insight report dashboard if the Partner/ Account doesn’t have any benchmarks set.
  • If you wish to make edits to your current Benchmark settings, clicks on the edit tooltip to be redirected to the Admin Dashboard Report Settings to make updates.

Benchmark Calculations

  • Benchmark: XPO dashboard will display the same values you set in the Admin Dashboard (pre-requisites).
  • % Current: This column displays the actual value of that campaign.
  • % MoM: This column displays the month-on-month value. For example, if you select the date range as Today, % MoM will be Yesterday. 

B) ROI Analysis Settings In XPO

ROI Analysis along with the Close Rate and CLV of your Partner/ Account will be displayed on the dashboard as well as for the Reports shared or emailed from the Partner/ Account dashboard.

  • While setting up ROI Analysis in pre-requisite step 3, Conversion Goal type selected and Close Rate keyed will show in XPO dashboards and Reports. CLV keyed in will show in the Parter and Account dashboard according to their respective currencies.
  • If however, an ROI is not set for any Partner or Account, you will see a detailed message on XPO UI with an option to Set Up ROI. This allows you to set an ROI for that Partner or Account, by redirecting you to the Admin Dashboard.

  • In the Insight Report, ROI Analysis will show under the Overview tab.
  • If the campaign does not have a conversion goal, the Overview tab will indicate a message that ROI analysis is currently not available for this campaign as there’s no conversion goal added.
  • You can Edit Campaign Settings to add/remove conversion goals.


    Overview Tab Fields


    1. Objective: Campaign objective which was selected while creating the campaign.
    2. Flight: Scheduled start and end date of the campaign along with the duration period.
    3. Budget: Overall budget provided at the time of campaign creation.
    4. Spent: Total spend recorded for the selected duration.
    5. Current CPM, CPC, and CPV.
    6. Selected Conversion Goal Type in ROI analysis.

    ROI Calculations


    • Results: Total conversions derived from overall API statistics
    • Close Rate: Rate keyed in pre-requisite
    • CLV: Value keyed in pre-requisite
    • Budget Spent: Total budget spent derived from overall API statistics
    • Expected ROI: This value is calculated in XPO as [(CLV * total conversions) - Budget Spent) / Budget Spent]
    • Actual ROI: ROI derived from overall API statistics 

    Customer Lifetime Value In XPO


    • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), which you key in during pre-requisite step 3 will be the default value when you create the conversion form in the XPO dashboard. The values will be set in the Advertisers currency.
    • If you have multiple CLVs for the same conversion goal type then the 1st CLV keyed in the pre-requisite will be used.
    • For different conversion goal types, the CLV is based on the goal type selected while creating the conversion goal field.


    • During pre-requisite step 3, you can set a default CLV at Partner level/Account level. If you do not set a value for Account level, it will inherit the Partner level values.



  • Any edits made at the Admin Dashboard will refect in the XPO dashboard too.
  • All displayed data on the dashboard is based on your selected date range and you can change those ranges to compare data.


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