How Do I Create Audiences From LiveRamp Data Marketplace

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  • This feature is only applicable to Programmatic (Connected TV/OTT, Video, Display, Native, Audio and Email) campaigns.
  • LiveRamp Data Marketplace is currently only available for United States geo-targeting. We are working with our partner to expand the coverage.

XPO is integrated with LiveRamp Data Marketplace (LDM)   to enable marketers to target, connect and transact cross-channel marketing data through safe, ethically sourced third-party data.


With this integration you will be able to:

  • Use XPO to create audiences using safe, ethically sourced data from LiveRamp Data Marketplace and link the audiences with Programmatic campaigns in XPO so that you can market across a variety of programmatic marketing channels.
  • Drive engagement from your best customers and find new valuable prospects by tapping on third-party data to extend your coverage.
  • Understand the full impact of your marketing spend via XPO insight reports so that you can make informed decisions on your marketing investment via enrichment of your data through the use of third-party data.
  • Enrich your first-party data by combining it with LiveRamp third-party data to produce richer and wider yet relevant audience segments for highly effective campaigns. You get to optimize on the relevant target audiences. 


Instructions to create an audience from LDM in XPO

  1. From the menu: Audience > Audience Segments, click +Audience to create a new audience segment.
  2. Name your audience segment, and select your advertiser's account. Select Third-Party as your source.
  3. Select Digital ID as the audience type, and LiveRamp Data Marketplace as the data source. Click Save.

  4. You should see the screen below where you can curate your LiveRamp segment(s) that you want to use.

  5. Save your audience segment, and link it to your Programmatic ad groups for targeting.
  • You can include multiple audience pools under one segment.
  • By default, all these segments are denoted by the OR relationship. So, this means if you create 2 segments, it will mean you want to match Segment 1 OR Segment 2.
  • Click + Segment: to create separate segments that denote AND relationship.
  • Hover your mouse over any of the audience pools to get a description of each audience pool.
  • You can link/unlink these audiences for Programmatic ad groups.
  • You can reuse the created audience(s) across your XPO accounts.
  • You can archive LDM audiences.
  • An additional fee is chargeable for the use of this data. Refer to the pricing shown in XPO UI and/or request your Knorex Customer Success Team for more details.

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