How Do I Use Market Vectors Digital Lifestyle Audiences In XPO?

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This feature is currently only applicable for audience targeting in Indonesia and Singapore. We are working with our partner to expand the coverage.

About Market Vectors (MV)

Data-driven advertising aims to be more efficient and relevant in engaging the audience. Knorex has partnered with Market Vectors (MV) to let you harness data from telco networks and app ecosystems to power more relevance and personalization of advertising in XPO.

Key stats about MV:

  • Covers 8000+ apps/websites capturing a wide range of companies and brands in Indonesia and Singapore
  • Over 19 app categories including interests in finance, entertainment, travel, transport, eCommerce, communications, etc.
  • Over 2,000 attributes (interest and frequency of apps) to build custom audience segments.

By using MV's Audience Data in XPO, you will be able to:

  • Create audience segments based on audience app usage and interests.
  • Ability to strategize and deliver highly personalized campaigns.
  • Form multiple personas and execute differentiated marketing strategies.
  • Enable and deliver the accuracy and richness of telco first-party data.

How To Create MV Digital Lifestyle Audiences in XPO

      1. From the menu bar: Audience > Click on +Audience. 
      2. Create a new audience segment by selecting Third-Party as the source > select MV Digital Lifestyle Audience as the audience type > Save. 

      3. You will be redirected to the below dashboard to curate your segments based on the 19 app categories:
            • Automotive
            • Banking
            • Communications
            • eCommerce
            • Education
            • Finance
            • Food & Drinks
            • Games
            • Home Decoration
            • Lifestyle
            • Media
            • Music
            • News
            • Rest Estate
            • SocialNet
            • Sports
            • Transport
            • Travel
            • Video

      4. Each of these app categories can be drilled down based on consumers' monthly interests and the monthly frequency of their usage of individual apps.
          • Interest values 1-10 are based on the monthly volume usage of the app.

            For instance, value 1 here refers to the least interested subscribers based on their app usage volume throughout the month, relative to the entire subscriber base. If you select value 10 from any app interest value, it means you are reaching out to the most interested users of the subscriber base, for the selected app for the month. 
          • Frequency values 1-31 are the subscribers' app usage in days count.

            For instance, value 9 means you are reaching out to subscribers who have used the selected app for 9 days in the month. Similarly, if you select value 30 from any app frequency value, you are reaching out to subscribers who have used the app for 30 days in the month.

For Instance

Target Audience - Food Lovers (Food & Drinks Category)

Create 2 segments from food and drinks application data for this audience segment.

              • Segment 1: From Burpple_Interest, you can select value 1.
                This implies that you want to reach users who are the least interested in the Burpple app (useful if you wish to acquire new users for that app). 

              • Segment 2: For HungryGoWhere_Frequency or Chope_Frequency or Quandoo_Frequency, you can select values 7 & above to target users who used food discovery applications for more than 7 days in the month.

      • You can include multiple audience pools under the same segment. All these pools denote "OR" relationship.
      • + Segment: to create separate segments that denote "AND" relationship.
    1. 5. Save your audience segment, and link it to your ad groups for targeting.


Use Cases / Examples

1. Your Target Audience - New Home Owners

You are a Furniture Brand Owner and want to target prospects who frequently visit renovation forums and furniture sites.

You can create a AND relationship for your custom segments like below:

          • Ikea_Frequency value 5, indicating users who have used Ikea for 5 days in the month.
          • Ikea_Interest value 5, indicating users who are in the app interest bucket of 41%-50% relative to the total subscriber base.
          • Similarly, based on the same logic - HipVan_Frequency value 8 and HipVan_Interest value 9; FreshHome_Interest value 10.
          • Once you save these segments, you can link the newly created audience to your ad group and your campaign will target all the above users.

Your Target Audience - Movie Buffs

You run a media company and want to target prospects who enjoy movies, videos, and TV show content.

          • Use any combination of MV app attributes for your custom segments.
          • You can select Netflix_Frequency value 4 AND AmazonPrimeVideo_Frequency value 20 as two separate segments.
          • HBOGo_Frequency value 15 OR FOXMoviesPlay_Frequency 15 as one segment.

An additional fee is chargeable for the use of this data. Refer to the pricing shown in XPO UI and/or request your Knorex Account/Customer Success Manager for more details.

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