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  • With, Search ads, you can now set up call tracking on your Search call extensions to track and measure all incoming phone calls.

XPO is integrated with Novocall, a provider of call automation software, to let you embed Click-to-Call capability to your ads and to automate sales calls, track call campaigns, and chat with customers on different platforms directly from one place.

From the ads, visitors who have seen your ads can now request an instant callback to connect with your business instantly. This powerful capability lets you increase your ad engagement while eliminating additional friction and steps for interested prospects to reach you.

(Pre-Requisites) How To Create Phone Numbers Using Call Tracking Management In XPO

To successfully add phone numbers for your campaign, an additional charge has to be paid per phone number (per month) to use this call tracking capability in XPO. Request your Knorex Account/ Customer Success Manager for more details.

  1. From the menu: SettingsTracking Management.

  2. You will have 3 options from the tracking management dashboard:

2(a). Create A Phone Number

  • You can add multiple phone numbers per account by clicking + Phone Number. An additional fee is chargeable for the use of this feature. Refer to the pricing shown in XPO UI and/or request your Knorex Account/Customer Success Manager for more details.

  • XPO lets you select an area code and numbers will be randomly generated based on the code.

  • Once the phone number is created, click Okay.

2(b). Add Call Reps

  • After completing step 2A, you will have the option to add call representatives who will handle the incoming and outgoing calls of your business.
  • Click on +Call Reps to create call reps for this account.

  • Key in details such as Name, Email address, Phone Number (with or without an extension number) by selecting your country code, and the number of Working Hours. 
  • Once done click Save.
  • You can archive and edit call reps at any time.

2(c). Settings

Since XPO x Novocall generates random numbers (as explained in 2A), you might want to customize those numbers before displaying them on your website.

  • Key in the Default Phone Number you want to show on your website.
  • Fill in the CSS Phone Number Element  from your website where the phone number is shown.
  • You can also choose to enable or disable Call Recording. If enabled, your account will be charged USD 0.0018 per minute at the end of every month.
  • This charge is billed to your account separately at the end of every month based on the total number of minutes recorded.
  • Once you click Update, Copy the Call Tracking Code and add it to your website pixel to automatically update the phone number.

How To Use Tracking Management & Phone Numbers In XPO

  1. After completing the pre-requisites, and you have created phone numbers and call reps, create a new call extension creative. Click Submit.

  2. You will have two options when you open the newly created call extension creative:
        • Select Novocall and the Phone Number (call tracking number) created/generated during the pre-requisites will be visible. This number cannot be edited. If you have multiple numbers, choose a number for this ad creative.

        • Other Call is where you can select a country and add a phone number manually.
        • Call tracking is done by AdWords. AdWords support call tracking for specific countries and you have to add phone numbers manually as they are not generated automatically.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Go to a Search campaign/ad group you wish to add the new call extension creative for and link it.

You cannot clone these extensions.

Call Tracking Management In Insight Reports

In your Insight Reports, you will have a widget called Call Report for your Search campaigns.

You will be able to track: 

  • Phone Calls
  • Call Duration
  • Call Connected
  • Call Missed

You can generate a link for Call Report or also send an email of the report to recipients.   

From My Reports, you can also customize your report by selecting Call Report for your Search campaign. You will be able to analyze:

  • Total Call Connected
  • Total Call Duration
  • Total Call Missed
  • Total Phone Calls

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