This feature is only applicable to Search (Google Ads, formerly known as "AdWords").

What Is An Ad Extension?

Ad Extensions are a way in which extra information or content about your business can be added to your ad. These extensions provide more reasons why people should choose your business.

Examples of Ad Extensions include your business' location, phone number, links to your webpage and more.

There are two types of Ad Extensions: 

  1. Manual mode: you will have to fill in your business details manually. Naturally, you get to customize your ads.
  2. Automatic mode: AdWords will try to fill in automatically for you (though you may need to make changes).


We currently support Manual Ad Extensions for mobile and website.

What these ad extensions can do to achieve your campaign goals:

  • maximize campaign performance
  • increase your CTR by several percentage points
  • give greater visibility
  • give more value


How To Set Up Ad Extensions?

1. Design a Creative

From the menu, select Creative and click + Creative.


2. Select Extension Type

Select Search Ads, click on Search Extension and select one Extension Type based on your advertising goals.

Once done, click Submit.


All 8 types of ad extensions are available:

  • Sitelink
  • Callout
  • Message
  • Price
  • App
  • Promotion
  • Call
  • Structured Snippet


Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extensions are additional links you can add to your ad. They bring people to specific pages on your website when they click on the links.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.




Callout Extension

Callout Extensions allow you to promote your business' unique features with a few words or phrase. When website users view your ads, they get detailed information about your business, products and services.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.



Message Extension

These provide another way for potential customers to reach you via mobile devices. Message extensions let customers send you messages directly from your ad.


Your business requires a phone number that is able to receive and send messages.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.


Price Extension

Add more value to your search ads by using price extension, which gives you more space to showcase your services and products with transparent pricing. This extension will link people directly to the item on your page that they are interested in.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.




App Extension

App extensions allow you to add a mobile app download button on your ad. Clicking the button will redirect people to your app description in the app store.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.


Promotion Extension

Promotion Extension allows you to advertise sales, coupons and deals your business has to offer.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.


Call Extension

Call extensions allow you to display a phone number on your ads. People can click on the number to call your business directly, leading to more customer engagement and higher chances of tracking conversions.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.



Structured Snippet Extension

The Structured Snippet Extension gives visitors a preview of your services and products. For example, it will show key aspects of your business, such as brands, featured hotels, types, etc.

Fill in the relevant information.

Click Save.



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