How Do I Use Custom Domain/URL For My XPO?

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If you are interested to use a full white label XPO (including using your own domain/URL), reach out us to find out more.

XPO White Label equips you with all the powerful capabilities of cross-channel media buying and optimization, unified reporting, sophisticated audience targeting, all without you having to invest huge amount of time and resources into building your own infrastructure, making the huge number of connectivities to different integration partners. You get to access and enjoy all the power of XPO while you focus on growing your business.


Instructions on Configuring Custom Domain/URL

  1. To create a custom domain name for your XPO White Label, you will need to provide the below details to your Knorex Account / Customer Success Manager:
      • Decide your custom domain (For instance,
      • Get a valid SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) for your domain. Ensure the certificate is signed by a trusted source
      • A Certificate Authority with a private key created by you for the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
      • A Certificate Chain (optional)

  2. Once approved, you will be informed to carry out the below steps to configure your custom domain:
      • From your Domain Name System (DNS), go to the provider settings and key in the new records
      • Name (
      • Type (CNAME)
      • Value (

  3. Go to any browser and test your new domain. 

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