How Do I Create Third-Party Audience Segments

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Third-party audience data is commercial data that you can purchase from third-party data providers at their offered CPM price. The offered data are organized based on industry, demographics, behaviors, and interests of audiences, which assists you in your targeting strategies.

How To Create Third-Party Audience Segments

  1. From Audience menu, click on +Audience 

  2. Complete the below information in the New Audience Dashboard:
    Audience segment name: give the Audience a name to quickly identify the segment.
    Advertisers: choose the one you wish to add the audience segment for.
    Select Third Party as your segment source.

    Look-back window: It defines a time span that corresponds to stored audience data where you can specify the number of days based on the recency of the data for your segment.
    Audience location: To filter your audience based on their country, select the specific country(s) to target into.
    Device Type: Filter your segment based on the audiences' devices such as mobile, desktop, or both.

  3. Once done, click Save
  4. Select your desired third-party audience data providers.
    Knorex XPO is integrated with major Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and third-party audience data providers to enhance your targeting strategies.
      • The search box is to look up the type of audience you need.
      • Price is based on cost per impression (CPM).
      • You can include multiple audience pools under the same segment. All these pools denote an "OR" relationship.
      • + Segment: to create separate segments that denote the "AND" relationship.

        Click Save once you finish all steps

        Please refer to ad group setup to learn how to link the audience segment to campaigns.

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