How Do I Build Audience Segments From Mobile App Activity

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Linking App Activity Audience segments are available for Programmatic Channels (Display, Video, Native, CTV/OTT) only. 

Creating an audience segment based on users' mobile app activities is a great way to target those who have already interacted with the app by events like install, open, purchase, etc., or are most likely to take an action you want them to do.

In XPO, these are considered as first-party audience segments and are tracked by a third-party vendor based on their app activity.

Instructions to create audience segment based on users' mobile app activities

  1. From the Utility menu, select Trafficking. 
  2. Once you're redirected to Admin Dashboard, from the Account menu select Account Info.

  3. From Manage Account dashboard, scroll down to Account Settings and go to Mobile App settings, select Android and/or iOS. 
  4. Click "here" button to search for the app you wish to add based on the name or industry. Tick the ones from the dropdown list. Once done, click Use selected mobile apps and Save in Account Settings.

    Watch the simple video and follow the detailed steps for further explanation.

  5. After configuring your Account Mobile App settings, go to the account dashboard, and create an audience segment. Learn how to create a First-Party Audience Segment.

    Select App Activity Audience as the source for this segment.

  6. Select the Rule Groups for your segment. All apps (or one app) included by you in step 3 will be shown on this dashboard.
    Including at least one rule in the segment is mandatory.
      • You can Include people who meet ANY or ALL of your rule criteria
      • You can select one rule at a time (Anyone who opened the app, Anyone who made a purchase with the app, Anyone who installs the app, Anyone who installed the app but didn't purchase)
      • You can choose to Exclude any rule from the segment as well

  7. Click Save. The segment will be saved under the Audience dashboard under First-Party Audience. Now, use this segment for your ad group targeting. 

    From the Audience dashboard, you can view Audience Size and Look-Back Window (time span which corresponds to stored audience data).

    Mobile App Activity Audience cannot be set up without completing steps 1-3. Any changes/edits made to the apps in the account settings will reflect in your audience segment.
  • You can Edit, Archive, and/or create a Lookalike audience for this segment.

  • If you archive this audience segment, it will no longer be visible in the Audience dashboard and cannot be linked to an ad group.

  • If you have enabled Sharing the audience in your account settings, you can share your app activity audience.


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