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This attribution feature is only applicable to programmatic channels including Display, Video & Native.

An additional fee is chargeable to use this feature. Pricing is shown in XPO and/or request your Knorex Account/Customer Success Manager for more details.

Footfall is a marketing term used to describe the number of visitors entering a retailer's brick and mortar store. Footfall attribution is a method used for correlating digital marketing campaign impressions to actual visits to physical stores (e.g. retailers, F&B outlets, petrol kiosks, dealerships, entertainment centers, point-of-interests, cinemas/theatres, etc.)

For brick and mortar businesses that calculate their success based on the number of customers that walk in their doors, this feature lets them analyze the measurability, and timeliness of attribution data coming from online/digital channels to their physical store. Visit our blog post if you would like to learn more about Footfall Attribution.

MobileWalla was selected as an integration partner to provide this capability in XPO.



  1. Quick Launch a new campaign
    • Select Yes under footfall attribution

    • POI list is an excel sheet of the location of your physical store(s)
    • If you wish to run the same footfall attribution campaign and replicate it across to other accounts in XPO, you can apply the same location to all accounts under your partner account.

  2. Once you save the new campaign, you can create ad groups and targeting based on your strategy


From Insight Report

Under Insight Report, you will find the number of people who visited your store location(s) after viewing your ads from the tracked campaign.

These are offline or footfall conversions.


Attribution Report

This report shows you attribution data and other details.

  • Age, gender, income,
  • Interests based on their browsing habits and/or on the keywords and search phrases of users
  • Device type (Android or iOS), and geolocation of the customer.

This digital data from cookies, device ids, and CRM data along with the physical location helps to give a 360-degree view of the target market and can be used for future campaigns and targeting. 

Attribution Reports will be received every 7 days as Mobilewalla will compile the data and then share it. However, conversion data will be available on a daily basis. 


Q. Is there a limit to the number of locations that I can upload per POI list?

Ans. No, there is no limit for the POI lists.

Q. How does Mobilewalla capture the audience data at the POI?

Ans. There are two ways for this to work:

  • Mobilewalla has partnerships with multiple telecom companies so with the prospects devices connected to these active wifi/data providers, their data gets tracked. If they don't have these data providers and wifi connections switched on, they will not be tracked.
  • Another way is with Mobilewalla's SDKs embedded into over 1 million apps,  when the prospects open the app their location data gets tracked. 

Q. If the physical stores (target location/POI) are at different levels of a building, can I run a campaign at a specific level and/or track whether the prospects visited that level?

Ans. We recommend running a trial/test campaign with Mobilewalla to further analyze based on your POI list.

Q. Is there any additional charge to receive reports on the visit rates and uplift percentages?

Ans. Yes. These reports will be sent by Mobilewalla only based on special requests and you will be charged a separate amount on a campaign basis. These reports will be shared on a monthly basis plus 7 days for computation. Please contact your Account/Customer Manager for more details.

Q. Does this offline attribution work for all channels?

Ans. It only works for programmatic channels only. It wouldn't work for Facebook, Google Search, etc.

Q. Can the data from Mobilewalla be exported and use on other platforms for targeting?

Ans. Yes, you can use it for device targeting into Facebook and LinkedIn, but not for Google Search as Google Search doesn't support device targeting.


About Mobilewalla

Mobilewalla   is a global leader in providing consumer intelligence solutions. Using mobile IDs as a persistent key, the company creates a comprehensive, cross-channel view of a customer, tracking his/her online and offline behavior.

Key stats about Mobilewalla:

  • Consumer data coverage in over 30 countries
  • Data from over 75k apps
  • Visibility into the behavior of 1.5B devices

By leveraging on Mobilewalla's capabilities, you will be able to:

  • Receive critical insights on the visibility of accurate and robust consumer data with the largest network of devices
  • Launch a multi-channel campaign within minutes and uplift your footfall conversions  

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