About MobileWalla

MobileWalla   is a global leader in providing consumer intelligence solutions. Using mobile IDs as a persistent key, the company creates a comprehensive, cross-channel view of a customer, tracking his/her online and offline behavior.

Key stats about MobileWalla:

  • Consumer data coverage in over 30 countries
  • Data from over 75k apps
  • Visibility into the behavior of 1.5B devices

By leveraging on MobileWalla's capabilities, you will be able to:

  • Receive critical insights on the visibility of accurate and robust consumer data with the largest network of devices
  • Launch a multi-channel campaign within minutes and uplift your footfall conversions  

How To Launch A MobileWalla Campaign In XPO


  • Footfall attribution can be measured only in the physical world where businesses operate in brick-and-mortar stores (e.g. retailers, F&B outlets, petrol kiosks, dealerships, entertainment centers, point-of-interests, cinemas/theatres etc.)

    By using this feature, you can analyze the measurability, and timeliness of attribution data coming from online/digital channels to your physical stores
  • This attribution feature is only applicable to campaigns that you run across programmatic channels including Display, Video & Native

  • To know the CPM for using this feature, please contact your Account Manager

1. Create a new campaign 

  • Select Yes under footfall attribution 


  • POI list is an excel sheet of the location of your physical store(s)

  • If you wish to run the same footfall attribution campaign and replicate it across to other accounts in XPO, you can apply the same location to all accounts under your partner account.



2. Once you save the new campaign, you can create ad groups and targeting based on your strategy


Analyze Performance And Effectiveness Of The Ad To Drive Footfall Attribution

  • View data from Insight Reports, under the Conversions category. This shows the number of people who visited your store location(s) after viewing your ads from the tracked campaign. 

    These are the offline or footfall conversions.


  • From the Attribution Report, you can view data such as demographics, interests, device type (Android or iOS) and geolocation of the customer. This data can be used for future campaigns and targeting.
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