How To Use My CRM Audience For Google Search

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XPO supports CRM Data for Cross-Channel Targeting and you can upload CRM data to be used in these channels:

  • Programmatic channels
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Search (NOTE: you will need to get whitelisted by Google before able to use, see below)

For Google Search, you would be using Google Customer Match  in order to use the audience. However, Google has certain criteria that you would need to fulfil in order to be eligible to use Google's Customer Match. Learn more

Customer Match is not available for all advertisers. To use Customer Match, your account must have:

  • A good history of policy compliance.
  • A good payment history.
  • At least 90 days history in Google Ads.
  • More than 50,000 USD total lifetime spend. For advertisers whose accounts are managed in currencies other than USD, your spend amount will be converted to USD using the average monthly conversion rate for that currency.

If your account does not meet the above criteria, then your account will not be eligible to use Customer Match.

For personalized ads on Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube, first-party and third-party data use policies apply.



  1. From the Menu bar: Audience > select Data Connector. Click on Add New and choose CRM to create a new audience segment.

  2. Fill in Segment Name and Advertiser for the account to create under.
  3. Select Search channel.
  4. Select your Google Ad Account.

  5. Upload your CRM data file via CSV or FTP method. Download the CSV Template to discover the fields that you can include.

    Please make sure that all columns' headers, format, and order of the CSV Template must remain unchanged. For the fields that you want, fill them up with the information that you have while leaving other columns blank.

  6. Click Save to finish.

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