Unified Reporting Across Facebook and AdWords


This feature is only applicable to Social Media (Facebook) and Search (Google) campaigns.

Now you can conveniently access the full reporting metrics for AdWords and Facebook campaigns in XPO. XPO provides you an integrated view to your reports allowing you have a full overview of your campaign performance across the platforms while enable you to do comparative analysis of performance by different dimensions e.g. creatives, cities, platforms, devices. 


1. Under Reports menu, click Insights and select the campaign(s) that you wish to share and click on Share report link.



2. Click Detailed -> Select Reports that you want to include in your detailed reporting.



3. Select Metrics for (i) AdWords and (ii) Facebook reports.

(i) AdWords

Select the metrics for a full AdWords report   :



(ii) Facebook

Select the metrics for a full Facebook report   :



4. Under Attribution Window (look-back window), select the number of views/clicks you want the ad to be viewed/clicked.



5. To share your report either by LINK or EMAIL to your recipient, select the Period and Timezone and then indicate when you want to disable access to the report via selecting the Expiration duration.


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