What Can Email Advertising Do For You?

Before we get started, let’s establish a clear understanding of Email Advertising first. You must have heard the terms “Email Marketing” and “Email Advertising” countless times. The question that arises, thus, is: is there any difference between Email Marketing and Email Advertising? The two terms may seem similar but they actually refer to two different things altogether.

Email Marketing includes those emails that you use to communicate or send out offers to prospects or customers using your email database. Then there is also EDM. In the interest of focus, we’ll leave that to another post. Meanwhile, check this out.

For now, let’s draw our attention to Email Advertising.

What Is Email Advertising?

Email advertising includes those banners that appear at the top and the sides of your web-based email services, such as Google, Yahoo etc. Here is an example:



There are two types of strategies/approaches that XPO supports for Email Advertising:

(1) People-Based Marketing

(2) Email Targeting 

People-Based Marketing

People-based marketing (PBM) is a customer-centric marketing technique for targeting customers in real-time, across channels and devices using first-party data. PBM is available through the following advertising channels in XPO:

  1. CTV/OTT Targeting: Using client first party email data, we can target people on Connected TV or Programmatic TV.
  1. Search Targeting: People-based search combines the powerful context of lower funnel intent in paid search with the audience targeting precision commonly used in display and social channels using client first-party data.
  1. Facebook Targeting: Applying customer email data, XPO enables you to target users on Facebook and Instagram using different ad formats configured with varying personalized messages.
  1. Programmatic (Display, Video and Native): With a privacy-conscious way to match people-based data to online devices and digital IDs, it’s easy to launch smarter, online targeted advertising campaigns across display, video and native.


Email Targeting

Email Targeting means showing people ads while they are reading emails on their email client. How does it work? When someone sees the ad and clicks on it, it would either lead to a landing page or email-style ad. There are two types of email targeting:

  1. Gmail Ads


  • Programmatic ads that appear in Gmail (via Google’s AdWords ad network) or Outlook (via Microsoft’s Bing Ads network) are simply regular old text or display ads.
  • They appear at the borders of the email client interface and get the same engagement as one might expect from any other display ad. Some users disable the ads, which anyone can do in their settings. Others don’t need to – their browser-based ad-blockers do it for them (with the exception of Outlook’s desktop client).


2. Knorex Newsletter Ads 


  • Knorex partners with thousands of premium newsletter publishers using LiveIntent’s exchange to reach out to 187 million people on every device.
  • We connect with premium publishers, such as The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast, NBCUniversal, Oath, Hearst Media and many more, to target users via email newsletter. The Ad is much more engaging and relevant to the context as shown above.

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