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Once you have completed setting up the prerequisites for applying targeting settings (the article is here), you may start applying filters for ad groups across channels.

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Log in to XPO Media Broker, click on Campaign tab. Select the campaign that has the "Native" logo in green color beside the subtitle.
  2. Click on the Native Ad Group you have created to enter the ad group level. To learn how to create a Native ad group, refer to this article.

    The Performance area of the dashboard shows the performance of the ad group both numerically and graphically, in real-time. The dashboard includes metrics such as impressions served, revenue, click-throughs and budget spent. Users have control over the time period for which the data is shown by adjusting the calendar.

    The Estimated Reach area of the dashboard is a prediction on the available inventory and the expected CPM, CPC and CPA rates. This estimation is based on the filtering applied to the ad group, as explained in the next part of this article.

  3. Additional targeting filters are available to refine and specifically target your intended audience. 
    The filters available for native ad groups are exactly the same as those available for display ad groups and function in the same way. The steps involved in setting up these filters can be accessed here


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