How Do I Use Geo-Targeting On Facebook, Search And Display Channels?

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This feature allows you to target an audience based on one or more specific geo-locations with a certain radius. This feature is also known as location-based marketing. In XPO, geo-targeting, geofencing, and proximity targeting are supported. To learn the difference, check these resources


How To Do Geo-Targeting?  

You can apply this setting at the ad group level across Facebook, Search and Display channels.

  1. Under the Campaigns menu, select one campaign and click on the ad group to which you wish to apply geo-targeting.

    The geo-targeting feature is available under Geography as one of the different targeting options available during the ad group setup.

  2. You have the options to target audiences based on their specific locations and target areas by: 
        • latitude/longitude coordinates 
        • street address
        • postal code
        • city or
        • country

          All valid searches will populate for you to target.
  3. Adjust the radius. The maximum radius is 100km. 

Radius is not supported for selected locations.

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