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Providing a brand-safe and trusted environment for your brand advertisements to appear is an important priority for us. We have taken a number of key steps and developed policies that safeguard our customers and partners in the quest to provide a positive experience to end users. We also work closely with our advertising channel/inventory and technology partners to ensure that your ads are delivered into respectable, trustworthy, and quality sites while adhering to their guidelines and recommended best practices. 

Finally, we also self-volunteer to submit to various international audits and participate in industry standards as depicted in our Privacy Center.


Prohibited Content

We reserve the right to reject, pause, or remove any ads at our sole discretion if we find prior to or after publishing that the advertisement contains or promotes the following elements:

  • Adult products and services (except for ads for family planning and contraception. Such ads must focus on the contraceptive aspect and not on sexual pleasure/enhancement etc., and must target only adults or those above 18 years of age); and obscenity and sexual material (including nudity, obscured or implied sexual acts, explicit language, overtly suggestive, provocative, explicit acts, etc.) (please refer to Facebook/Taboola/Twitter for more details)
  • Alcohol or referencing to alcohol (unless complying with all applicable local laws, guidelines, licenses and approvals, age criteria)
  • Crime, police & emergency
  • Death & tragedy
  • Deceptive, false, dishonest, or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers or business practices
  • Derogatory content
  • Embedded videos
  • Error pages, file-sharing pages, pirated content, malware, spyware, etc. that results in an unexpected, unauthorized or deceptive experience
  • Finance-related material that is questionable, illegal (e.g. binary options, initial coin offering (ICO))
  • Gambling (promoting or facilitating)
  • Hate speech or related content promoting violence/advocating against a particular group (e.g. of race/ethnic, color, nationality, religion, political association, age, gender/sexual orientation, drugs etc.)
  • Image-sharing pages
  • Juvenile, gross & bizarre content
  • Malware or malicious content
  • Military & international conflict
  • Parked domains
  • Political content
  • Prostitution content
  • Profanity and rough language
  • Recreational, illegal or prescription drugs
  • Religious content
  • Sensitive social issues
  • Illegal tobacco or paraphernalia
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Violence
  • Weapons, ammunition or explosives


What Happens to Ads in Violation

We strive to do our best, through technology supplemented with manpower, to ensure that ads, sites, and contents adhere to the policy. Nonetheless, in the event that there are:

  • Ads in violation: We will reject and suspend from publishing until the policy violation is fixed and the ad is approved
  • Sites in violation: We will filter the sites and blacklist them. We will not run any ads on those sites thereafter
  • Accounts in violation: We will suspend the account if it has had several violations or one serious violation. All your ads will stop running and thereafter, no longer will be accepted

If you think your ad(s) was disapproved by mistake, please contact our Customer Success team or Submit a Request.


Take Down Policy

  • In the event that we receive a written concern about a website or a misplaced ad reported by client, Knorex will review all reporting and bidding/serving logs for that domain, and will aim to remove the ad immediately, or latest within 24 business hours of the initial alert.
  • The contractual consequences of ad misplacement will be agreed and resolved between Knorex and the client on a case by case basis.

If you have any concerns regarding your ad(s) and their placements, please contact our Customer Success Team or Submit a Request.

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