Introduction To DCO

Dynamic Creative Optimization (or DCO) is the process where variables of creatives (including design and layout aspects) and messages are generated and personalized to users based on the different triggers or audience segmentation. DCO can be used in both prospecting and retargeting/remarketing; though the more common execution in the market is typically employed during the retargeting stage.

DCO ads often use the common dynamic creative targeting variables of location, behavior, device, demographics, and context. One type of dynamic creative ad unit is a product retargeting ad. This ad has dynamic content, such as the last product someone saw on a retailer’s website.

Why Do We Need To Use DCO?

DCO helps us to optimize campaigns by:

  • Personalizing ads (on creatives and/or message levels) via variations of combinations to boost performance
  • Customizing creatives for the different user journeys
  • Preventing "ad fatigue" with different variations of ads
  • Automating the generation of the large number of ad tags to save time and cost. The result is a single universal tag that encapsulates the complex logic behind it.

Audience Segmenting For DCO

These are the audience segments that are supported to activate DCO:


Dynamic Aspects Of XPO DCO

There are 3 aspects that would be changed upon DCO being activated:


Data Importing/Upload For Enabling DCO 

XPO supports 2 models for ingesting data for DCO: 

1. Using XPO Curator to create a feed to inject into the ad template

2. Using data importer (CSV format) to import data


Refer to our XPO Curator section to find out more information.


Please refer to our Setting up DCO article to learn how to set up DCO.

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