XPO allows you to generate both Remarketing and Conversion pixels. Before generating the pixels, you may use our Tag Configuration feature to customize variables that you would like to include in the pixels.

To help you expedite the setup process, we have also built up pre-defined variables for E-Commerce, Travel, and Real Estate verticals. 

How To Configure Tags And Variables

a) From the Pixel menu, click on Tag Configuration and select the applicable advertiser.


b) Under the Tag Configuration window, you need to fill in some required information.

  • Attribution window (Look-back window): It defines a time span which corresponds to stored audience data
  • Template: There are 3 presets of variables in different industries (E-commerce, Travel, Real Estate) and you can choose Others to customize your own Tag Variables.
  • Tag Variables: These variables correspond to Facebook variables. You can add as many variables as you want by clicking on Add more.


c) Click Save.


These Tag Variables can be used for the process of Remarketing and Conversion pixels set-up.

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