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November 2023

  • [CREATIVE] Show the creative reject reason for failing the AdChoice test.
  • [AUDIENCE] Enable Switzerland country in Programmatic - Lookalike audience.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support syncing Smart campaigns to XPO.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Update Performance Max creative specs.
  • [TIKTOK ADS] Support Reach metric in the report data.
  • [REPORT][EMAIL REPORT] Support conversion goal breakdown.
  • [REPORT][SCHEDULED REPORT] Support pushing historical data reports to Looker Studio.
  • [REPORT][SCHEDULED REPORT] Show error tooltip for failed reports.
  • [UI/UX] To improve the search function for timezone.

October 2023

  • [PIXEL] Allow editing Android/iOS apps used in the App Conversion Pixel.
  • [META ADS] Update "teens" targeting options    .
  • [GOOGLE ADS][CREATIVE] Improve text syntax validator of Responsive Search Ads.
  • [TIKTOK ADS] Support the "Landing Page View" optimization goal    .
  • [REPORT][SCHEDULED REPORT] Sending daily digest email alerts of failed requests.
  • [REPORT] Add "Show pacing" option in the Share Report modal.
  • [UI/UX] Campaign Budget Allocation - Revise logic for slider and text boxes.
  • [UI/UX] Campaign Form - Shift ad account selection section.

September 2023

  • [PROGRAMMATIC] Support new channel - DOOH.
  • [META ADS] Beneficiary and payer requirements for ads targeting the European Union    .
  • [META ADS] Support syncing ad groups data with "Maximize number of calls" optimization goal.
  • [META ADS][CREATIVE] Remove creative types that are no longer supported.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support "Target impression share" bidding strategy.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support syncing campaigns with "Target CPA" bidding strategy.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Revise geo location targeting options.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][CREATIVE] Allow pinning multiple headlines and descriptions to one position with Responsive Search Ad type.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support syncing Discovery campaign data to XPO.
  • [UI/UX] Improve UI of Account/Partner modal.

August 2023

  • [AUDIENCE] Support Brazil country for lookalike audience segments.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Performance Max campaigns improvements.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Display campaign pacing for ad groups that use a shared budget.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][CREATIVE] Allow pinning multiple headlines and descriptions to each position.
  • [TRACKING][REPORT] Support Cross-device Attribution setting in New campaign form.
  • [REPORT][PUBLIC REPORT] Add channel and platform filter.
  • [REPORT][INSIGHT REPORT] Support “Click-through” and “Engagement” metrics in the Share Report modal.
  • [UI/UX] "No Ads" status warning for campaigns and ad groups.
  • [UI/UX] Show campaign channels and ad group type.
  • [UI/UX] Improve channel filter.

July 2023

  • [CAMPAIGN][CLONE MODAL] Ad group(s) to inherit campaign start date and end date upon cloning.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS][ODAX] Update supported ad types for each campaign objective.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS] Support Facebook/Instagram stories Ad Preview option.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support Performance Max campaigns - Phase 2: Audience Targeting and Listing Groups.
  • [GOOGLE ADS] Ad group(s) to inherit campaign bidding strategy.
  • [REPORT][SCHEDULED REPORT] Improvement of: add overall/channel breakdown by default; support overall daily report; include external campaigns; validate start date.
  • [REPORT][PUBLIC REPORT] Improve sorting function.
  • [TROUBLESHOOTING] Add UI notification of campaign not spending for 1 day.
  • [UI/UX] Improve the header and icon design for all widgets.
  • [UI/UX] Change tooltip message styling.

June 2023

  • [GOOGLE ADS] Support Performance Max campaigns.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS] Improve   ODAX Objectives - Support different types of ad groups under Lead Generation objective campaign.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS] Inform users that Instagram page posts are not supported.
  • [PERFORMANCE] Optimize campaign list loading.

May 2023

  • [FACEBOOK ADS] Deprecation of Facebook Instant Articles ad placement.
  • [LINKEDIN ADS] Require LinkedIn page associated upon creating new creatives.
  • [REPORT] Footfall attribution report delay reduced from 14 days to 7 days.
  • [REPORT] Improve loading of Geo breakdown in Insight report.
  • [FOOTFALL ATTRIBUTION] Support POI list radius unit: KM (Kilometer), M (Meter), MILES.

Apr 2023

  • [CAMPAIGN] Improve validation of account credit upon campaign creation.
  • [CAMPAIGN] To inform user that ad group and creative date are not automatically updated upon extending campaign date.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][SHOPPING] Support syncing existing Google Shopping campaigns to XPO.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][SEARCH] Fix Japanese search ads were not able to be linked to ad groups.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS][ODAX] Full support of  ODAX Objectives.
  • [FACEBOOK ADS] Display warning message for ad groups event affected upon changing campaign conversion goal.
  • [TIKTOK ADS][AUDIENCE] Indicate if audience segment is not eligible for running (audience size less than 1000).
  • [REPORT] Display app name instead of app ID on Public report "Site" widget.
  • [GEO LIST] Support new Geofence file format (  GeoJSON): co-ordinates separated in new line.
  • [ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT] Only Partner Admin, System Admin, AdOps (ref) are able to access or edit account service cost and campaign management fee.
  • [UI/UX] Improve URL format validation.

Mar 2023

  • [FACEBOOK] Support   ODAX Objectives - Phase 2: Conversions objective with 'Purchase' event.
  • [LINKEDIN] Fixed minimum budget required on campaign level.
  • [TIKTOK] Support 2 audience types: (i) device audience, and (ii) lead.
  • [TIKTOK] Support objectives: Lead Generation and App Installs.
  • [TIKTOK][CREATIVE] Support smart video custom creative.
  • [TRACKING] Support conversions counting types: standard vs unique.
  • [TRACKING] Support offline conversions.
  • [AUDIENCE] Update "Proximity Audience - Factual" label to “Proximity Audience - Foursquare“.
  • [AUDIENCE] Support sharing segments between accounts.
  • [TARGETING] Fixed distance unit in geo list import list.
  • [TARGETING] Extend bid factor adjustment for geo-targeting.
  • [REPORT] Improve UI of public report: channel name and icons, update title to "Overall Account Performance".
  • [CREATIVE] Improve UI of creative details.
  • [CAMPAIGN] Improve UI design for ad group header.
  • [AD GROUP] Revise tooltips for campaign statuses.

Feb 2023

  • [FACEBOOK] Improve message for Facebook pixel troubleshoot.
  • [TIKTOK] Verify that minimum budget required on editing campaign budget.
  • [CAMPAIGN] Revise tooltips for campaign status.
  • [CAMPAIGN] Show tooltip on campaign pause/resume button.
  • [CAMPAIGN] Rename "management fees" to "partner management fees".
  • [AD GROUP] Allow switching between ad groups.
  • [REPORT] Add platform and channel name to campaign name.
  • [DATES] Change the default date range to 7 days.
  • [SYSTEM MESSAGE] Show announcement message when system is undergoing maintenance/deployment.

Jan 2023

  • [API][FACEBOOK] Work with Meta team to fix a deprecated API related to image; should be updated in v16 (  ref).
  • [API][GOOGLE ADS] Added API to update the campaign/adgroup status of Google Ads campaigns.
  • [FACEBOOK] Support ODAX objectives - Phase 1.
  • [FACEBOOK][AUDIENCE] Improve UI for Facebook Video Audience.
  • [FACEBOOK] Improve error message to be more informative to replace the current "Reason: Unknown" message.
  • [FACEBOOK] Improve campaign objective with the updated campaign objective selection.
  • [FACEBOOK][Non CBO-Campaign] Remove the restriction to create app install campaign even if campaign budget optimization is disabled.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][SEARCH] Standardize the creative tag style that are not consistent.
  • [GOOGLE ADS][BID] Fixed the issue of bid values not synced if Search campaign is created with max CPC values set in Google Ads and then sync over to XPO.
  • [TIKTOK] Added support for campaign and ad group level pacing for TkTok channel.
  • [LINKEDIN][LEAD GEN] Fixed issue of not being able to access the lead gen form details when clicking on Edit and Clone in XPO Quick Launch flow.
  • [LINKEDIN] Fixed conversion goals added earlier gone missing when create/update campaign/adgroup.
  • [PARTNER & ACCOUNT DASHBOARD] Standardize channel filter under campaign tab to be consistent with other tabs channel filter.
  • [CAMPAIGN] Revise message for budget section.
  • [REPORT] Added platform column in the channel widget in shared report.
  • [AUDIENCE] Fixed the checkboxes being cut off when text overflow.


Previous Releases

    • [FACEBOOK] Fixed incorrect text displayed as sub_text on Message Objective.
    • [FACEBOOK] Fix issue by turning off budget allocation when ABO is turned on.
    • [FACEBOOK][AUDIENCE] Mark "deprecated" to all places using special ad setting.
    • [GOOGLE ADS] Added support for registered trademark & + symbol for search creative headline and description.
    • [GOOGLE ADS] Improve daily budget auto recalculation.
    • [LINKEDIN] Added support SPONSORED_INMAIL ad format for LinkedIn campaign.
    • [TIKTOK] Added audit log support.
    • [TIKTOK] - Added three new audience types: (i) Engagement, (ii) App Activity, (iii) Lookalike.
    • [TIKTOK/LINKEDIN][CREATIVE] - Disable TikTok, LinkedIn ads when there is no allocated ad account.
    • [TIKTOK] Support audit log.
    • [AUDIENCE] Disable LinkedIn source when there is no allocated ad account.
    • [AUDIENCE] Improve UI for first-party video audience.
    • [AUDIENCE] Require location to be specified when creating third-party audience.
    • [OPTIMIZATION] Improve auto calculation of daily budget based on new total budget.
    • [OPTIMIZATION] Improve automatic budget calculation when new budget is added.
    • [REPORT] Added modal and UI improvements to handle failed reports.
    • [CREATIVE] Revised tooltip for the different statuses.
    • [CREATIVE] Fix issue when creative is blank in Insights screen.
    • [NOTIFICATION] Improve navigation by changing dropdown component to toggle.
    • [UI] Improve breadcrumb description and consistency in all screens.
    • [USER/ACC MANAGEMENT] Added account filter in multi-partner view.
    • [USER/ACC MANAGEMENT] Improve multi-partner/partner dashboard cache refresh.
    • [DEPRECATION][GOOGLE ADS][SEARCH] Deprecated support for Google Search (Expanded text ads)  
    • [FACEBOOK] Remove special ad audience selection from UI.
    • [GOOGLE ADS] Added support for video campaign.
    • [LINKEDIN] Added support for Lead Generation Form and objective.
    • [LINKEDIN] Added creation of audience CRM for Lead Gen Form.
    • [LINKEDIN] Added creation of campaign from Lead Report.
    • [LINKEDIN][BUDGET] Improve validation message on ad group form if campaign level budget is added.
    • [TIKTOK] Improve engagement details breakdown on the public report link.
    • [CAMPAIGN][AD GROUP] - Change the default start and end date.
    • [CREATIVE] Added reason for rejected creatives.
    • [CREATIVE] Added "Edit" and "Test Creative" options to creative detail screen.
    • [CREATIVE] Revised tooltip for In Review status.
    • [PARTNER] Support partner level pacing.
    • [PARTNER] Add Service Cost section in the Shared Report and Email Report.
    • [TIKTOK] Support for reporting.
    • [PACING] Support for account level pacing for timezones
    • [TIKTOK] New audience type added for Website Traffic.
    • [PARTNER] Fixed no data shown when searching for accounts.
    • [CLONE] While cloning ad group, incorrect validation is displayed for budget cap, daily budget cap not calculated correctly.
    • [TARGETING] Fixed column sorting when applying filter type as Exchange.
    • [TARGETING] Fixed channel filter when select Type filter as Exchange & Channel filter as Display.
    • [TARGETING] Fixed campaign filter when select Type filter as Exchange.
    • [PERFORMANCE] Improve loading time of XPO UI when loading Partner Dashboard.
    • [REPORT][LEADS] Fixed issue where pop up is not showing when selecting multiple leads and click on Download Action
    • [TIKTOK] Added smart video basic
    • [GENERAL] Added ability to turn on use of features that are in Beta stage.
    • [REPORT] Fixed share and email report link as they are disabled
    • [LINKEDIN][CREATIVE] Fixed ad rotation option doesn't get saved in LinkedIn ad group
    • [DATES] Fixed wrong start date displayed when selecting different timezone for Search campaign, creative and PMP Deals

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