How To Sync Leads Into XPO?

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XPO lets you sync leads from various sources:

(i) Facebook

  • Sync Leads from your active campaigns created on your Facebook Ad Account/ Facebook campaigns into XPO.
  • Once you click on Sync Facebook Leads, you will be redirected to select the ONE Facebook Ad Account and a Date range. There is a rate limit on the number of leads that we can import/sync over per 24 hours.
  • If your XPO Account is linked to only one Facebook Ad account, it will be auto-selected.
  • Leads within the selected date range and under the Facebook Ad Account will be successfully synced once you click on Sync Lead. This can now be viewed on the XPO Lead Dashboard.


(ii) Salesforce CRM

(Coming soon)


(iii) HubSpot

(Coming soon)

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