How To Delete Facebook Form (Used In Leads Ads)

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After launching a few lead gen ad campaigns in Facebook, you will have multiple forms. That's when you may want to remove them or hide them away. In Facebook, you cannot delete a Facebook form, but you can archive it  .

To Archive Form(s):

  1. Go to your Facebook Ad Manager/Account and select the Facebook Page that you have attached the Facebook Form to, then click View Page. You will be directed to that Facebook Page. pg1.png
  2. Click Publishing Tools.
  3. On your left, click on the hamburger menu icon.
  4. Click on Instant Forms. This will show you the list of forms that you have created, if any.
  5. Here, we have several forms which we have created. We would like to archive them to reduce clutter (NOTE: Facebook does not support delete for this). Select one or more forms, and click Actions. A message will pop up asking you to archive them. Click Apply.pg5.png


To Reactivate Archived Form(s):

In this Instant Forms screen, click on the Actions button. Change the status to be Archived and click Apply. You will now be presented with a list of archived forms.


Find out how to download lead data from Facebook Ads Manager   (NOTE: Leads are automatically deleted by Facebook after 90 days  , so remember to back up regularly or use XPO leads to sync over).

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