How To Request For Custom Audience From Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) To Be Used In Facebook Campaigns in XPO

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In some cases, the existing or standard audiences may not be relevant or sufficient to your campaign use. You may want to target specific audiences with certain attributes which you cannot find easily in the data marketplace. In this case, you want to make use of custom audiences.

In XPO, you can make use of custom audience from Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) to be used with your Facebook advertising campaigns. Follow these steps:

  1. Share your custom audience requirements with our Client Success (CS) team (email to with these fields:
    • Campaign title:
    • Channel: e.g. Display, Facebook, Search
    • Advertiser name:
    • Agency name:
    • Campaign landing URL:
    • Campaign geos/countries:
    • Campaign audience(s):
    • Campaign KPI(s):
    • Campaign budget:
    • Campaign flight date:
  2. Once our CS team reverts to you on the confirmation on the successful creation of the custom audience, you will be able to find audience under the Facebook Ad Account as shown in the below screenshot.
  3. Follow this guide to sync your custom audience from ODC to XPO.

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