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Facebook, is one of the most popular and powerful ad platforms in the world. We want to bring the benefits of Facebook to you so that you can use it to the fullest by having seamless integration of XPO with Facebook.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we get, if you can't find the question/answer here, feel free to reach out to us:


Q1. What are the advantages of running Facebook  Ads campaigns via XPO?

Ans. These are some key advantages of using XPO to work with Facebook Ads including:

  • Audience and budget optimization: you can create multiple ad groups with different target audiences and strategies. Leverage on XPO's auto-optimization for budget allocation across the different ad groups to drive towards your campaign KPI.
  • Ad creatives automation: With multiple ad creatives, you can also create a feed to do A/B testing on Facebook. In XPO, you can easily create ad groups and test them out concurrently. This is because XPO has inbuilt automation on the workflow for both creative designs and Dynamic Creative Optimization.
  • Reporting: XPO reports transaction IDs that are not available on Facebook. By using XPO, you also get to access both types of reporting unified into one platform.
  • Scalability (especially for agencies): With features such as cloning, you can clone campaigns and creatives across different Facebook ad accounts easily. There is also a bulk editing tool in XPO.


Q2. Can I use my existing Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account or must I use Knorex XPO FBM?

Ans: Yes, absolutely, you can continue to use your FBM. Knorex XPO is integrated with Facebook to help automate campaign setup, launch, and optimization directly in it. You can proceed to grant access to your FBM to XPO to sync over your existing campaigns and audiences into XPO.


Q3. What is the billing workflow?

Ans: Refer to this article for Facebook.


Q4. If I were to make a change on Facebook directly, will it get reflected in XPO? How do I sync my accounts, campaigns and audiences in Facebook over to XPO?

Ans: Once you have grant access to your FBM and sync your campaigns and audiences over from Facebook into XPO, all your existing setup and audiences can be port over into XPO. You can start operating from XPO and all the changes will automatically propagate into Facebook. However, in the event, you forgot, and made changes directly in Facebook instead of XPO, you will need to re-sync your campaigns and audiences over to XPO to keep it in sync. Once you have synced over, please ensure you start using from XPO to keep all the setup and accounts in sync.


Q5. Can I sync existing Facebook Ads campaigns to XPO?

Ans: Yes, you can sync your existing campaigns and audiences over to XPO. For your information, your existing accounts, setup and audiences will still be accessible and remain in Facebook after the sync. In XPO, there will be just a clone of it.


Q6. What are the advantages of using XPO vs an in-house/internal team to manage all the different channels (since Facebook already provide the features and functions)?

Ans: XPO is a fully self-serve tool with a huge emphasis on automation. XPO helps to automate and execute media buying, campaign optimization, ad creation, tracking, and measurement, all in one platform.
With an execution engine like XPO, you save the trouble of operating and learning multiple platforms, thus saving you costs and gaining productivity and efficiency. Additionally, you get to reach an audience across different channels while optimizing across them.


Q7. There are Facebook ad formats and features that are currently not available in XPO. When will they be introduced into XPO?
Ans. We will try our best to bring over those features and ad formats which are newly introduced in Facebook into XPO as best and as soon as we can. However, certain features and functions may not be port over due to restriction/limitation in the Facebook API available or we are in the midst of supporting it. XPO goal is not to replace Facebook, but to support as complete as possible the critical features and functions that is needed in XPO to enable you to perform cross-channel.
If you have any features or ad formats that are critical to you but not available, let us know, we will see what we can do.

Q8. What is Shared Audience?

Ans. You can sync a list of shared audiences into XPO and add them to an ad group. Audiences can be shared from your Facebook Business Manager accounts.

Learn how to sync Facebook accounts into XPO.

Q9. What is Facebook Custom Audience/ Website Traffic Audience in XPO?

Ans. You can create a Custom Audience from your website for any group of visitors that you'd like to reach with targeted Facebook Ads. For example, you can run a campaign to reach people who visited a product page but didn't complete a purchase to encourage them to go back to the website to do so. Or, you can create an audience of everyone who's visited your website in the past 30 days.

Q10. What is a Call-To-Action Facebook Ad?

Ans. A call-to-action ad promotes your Page's call-to-action button. The button encourages people to take an action that is important to your business, such as booking appointments or shopping on your website.

For instance, if you add the Shop Now button to your Page, the button encourages people to shop. The corresponding call-to-action ad promotes the Shop Now button to a wider audience.


Q11. What is Facebook Feed in Catalog?

Ans. Refer to this article to understand more about Feed In Catalogs.

In XPO, you can create catalogs for different types of inventory, like products (eCommerce), hotels, flights, destinations, home listings (real-estate) or vehicles (automobiles), and you can re-use the same feed across into other channels too, saving your lots of time and duplicative effort.


Q12. What are the payment methods for Facebook Ad Accounts?

Ans. Refer to this article that explains the different invoicing methods based on different situations.


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