How To Create TikTok Creatives In XPO

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XPO currently supports only Single Video Ad.

  1. Link your TikTok account to your XPO account. Learn more here.
  2. Click on the menu Creative and select +Creative to create a new ad.

  3. Select the right Tik Tok ad account and select the advertiser you wish to set up the campaign for from the dropdown list.
  4. Select TikTok Ads and click on Single Video.

  5. In the next screen, fill up the details into the creative design form:
    Display Name
    • This is a required field
    • Your brand's identity
    • Requirements:
      • Up to 40 characters
      • Alphanumeric, special characters are accepted
    • This is a required field
    • Will be displayed to the target audience 
    • Requirements:
      • Between 12 to 100 characters
      • For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: Between 6-50 fullwidth characters or 12-100 halfwidth characters
    • This is a required field
    • To add media
      • Click on the Upload button
      • Select from uploaded videos or upload new videos from your device
    • Recommended specifications:
      • Recommended Format: .mpv, .mov, .mpeg, .avi
      • File Size: Up to 500MB
      • Aspect ratio should be between 9:16 and 16:9 or 1:1
    Call to Action

    XPO supports the below CTAs. Select one option for your creative.

    Download Learn More Visit Store
    Get Tickets Now Get Showtimes  Experience Now
    Watch Now View Now Pre-Order Now
    Shop Now Contact Us Book Now
    Subscribe Read More Sign Up
    Get Quote Interested Apply Now
    Order Now Play Game Install Now


    • This is a required field
    • Requirements: 
      • Start with http or https
      • Valid URL

    Profile Image
    • Will be displayed to your target audience in your ad
    Advanced Settings
    • Add any relevant pixel or third party URLs to track ad performance 
    • Include either impression tracker, click tracker or both in the ad

    • Let you visualize the creative on your TikTok ad 


  6. Once you Save the design form, you can link the newly created creative to your campaign(s).
  • You can edit, clone, delete, pause, & resume the created ads.
  • You will only be able to edit your creative name when editing the creative form.
  • You can link your created ads to your desired ad group.



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