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Pixalate  is a leading provider of ad fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV), mobile apps, and websites. Pixalate is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC)   for multiple areas including anti-ad-fraud and brand safety (learn more)  .


XPO + Pixalate

These are the areas that XPO uses Pixalate solutions to provide users with cutting-edge solutions.

  • Viewability
  • Anti-ad-fraud
  • Brand safety


Pre-bid filtering

XPO filters and excludes ad traffic early in the RTB workflow, before the bidding stage (i.e. pre-bid) to minimize unnecessary wastage:

  • Pixalate solution is applied for pre-bid fraud detection at the bid request level in CTV, OTT, and other programmatic RTB traffic.
  • Fraudulent sources (IPs, domains, app bundles), non-human traffics (bots) by combining multiple mechanisms such as matching against the industry standard lists, for example, https://www.iab.com/guidelines/iab-abc-international-spiders-bots-list/  
  • Coupled with Pixalate list, we identify and remove high-risk mobile apps and regularly export the list of delisted mobile apps from Google Playstore / Apple Appstore and blacklist them from the inventory/ad campaigns. (Android / iOS). This is further augmented by XPO proprietary fraud detection and blacklisting mechanism.


Post-bid filtering

Tapping on Pixalate solution, XPO filters and excludes ad traffic post bids that fall under the General Invalid Traffic (GIT), and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT).

  • These are monitored across display, video, app, and OTT, by using first-party data for precise detection of these ad frauds
  • Pixalate technology helps us in identifying viewability, brand safety, and fraud at all stages of the ad process. We get to monitor the kind of ad frauds, and new sources of such ad fraud origins.
  • Log-level data is available as evidence to back up claims against any digital format.
  • Pixalate solution includes providing the necessary analytics that can help to block frauds more effectively by monitoring across more of your formats, channels, and fraud types.

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