How To View Or Generate Lead Reports In XPO?

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Leads can be synced over from other channels into XPO at a frequency of every 6 hours.

Lead report shows the source of your leads and where the leads are generated from the different campaigns running on different channels.


Click Reports >> Leads to view your Lead Report that shows the number of leads generated in that account.

Details Description
Name When you click on Name of the Leads, the Lead detail page will open. You can sort the list alphabetically.
Created Creation date of the Leads. You can sort them from most recently created to last or vice versa.
Email Email address of the Leads. Sort them either A to Z or vice versa.
Phone Phone numbers of the Leads. Sort them from ascending to descending or vice versa.

The different types of Leads in each account. You can sort them alphabetically and also change the Stage of individual Leads from the dropdown.


Name of the campaign from where the Lead is generated. You can sort them alphabetically. When you click on it, you will land on the campaign detail page.

  • By default, all campaigns will be selected. You can choose to deselect a few or select even just one campaign to filter leads based on selected campaigns.
  • You can also search for specific campaign names.
Channel Source of the Lead (Programmatic or Facebook) or any other sources like CRM/Salesforce, Hubspot. You can sort them alphabetically.

Different Actions you can make on the listed Leads. You can Edit/Delete and Download Lead reports for individual leads or multiple leads. 

  1. Edit: You will be redirected to the Lead details page. You can update the Stage of an existing Lead. Click save to successfully make your edits or cancel to return to the dashboard. While editing multiple Leads you can only change the stages of the Leads.

  2. Delete: Click on the delete button and then confirm delete lead(s) from the pop-up. You can delete one or more Leads at a single time.

  3. Download: Click on download and confirm the download action from the pop-up to download the lead(s) report successfully. You can download lead reports for one or more Leads at a single time.

  • Under the Filter option, you can sort the list based on Stages or Channel.
  • Channel includes - Programmatic and Facebook.
  • Under Stage, you have different types of Leads such as Raw/ Interested/ Converted and Contacted Leads.
  • After checking the Filter box, you can alter your selection by clicking on the reset button.
  • Sort the Leads list based on the selected date range from the date calendar. Leads within that date range will populate.
  • You can select Today/Yesterday/Last 7 days/Last 14 days/This Month/Last Month and Custom date range.

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