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This is a feature that allows you to quickly upload a list of locations that you would like to include or exclude in your targeting setting. Alternatively, if you only have a few locations that you would like to apply to, you can choose to manually search and add the location at the ad group level.  Follow the video and the steps to set up a geo list using this feature.

  1. In XPO, under Utility > Geo List.
  2. On this screen, there are 2 options available:
    (a) Click + Geo List button to import your existing geo list from your computer.
    (b) If you do not have a geo list, click on Download Template File (in CSV format). Enter the geographical points you wish to include, separating each point by a row. Once the file is prepared, do step 2(a).
  3. Once uploaded, you will see the following data shown:

      • Country-level
      • Region (state) level
      • Location (city) level
      • Latitude / Longitude level with a proximity radius applied around the intersection point
      • Postal code level 
        remove the first line, which serves as a header to show users the value of each column.
  4. Click Submit to complete and start using the geo list in your campaign.

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