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Building up a device list and using it over time lets you target to your known target audience in specific and targeted manner, thus saving you wastage. XPO supports device list targeting. Here's how:


  1. From the XPO dashboard, Audience >> Data Connectors.

  2. Next, click Device Audience to show a list of existing saved devices, if applicable.

  3. You can create a new device list by uploading/importing an existing list of Mobile Advertising Identifiers (MAIDs). Click on Add New and select Device Audience

  4. Key in details for your device audience including Name, Advertiser Account, Channels (Programmatic and/or Facebook), and link your Facebook account.

  5. Upload your existing file from your browser or drag the created file into the box.
    However, if you do not have a device list yet, click on Download Template File. A .csv formatted file automatically gets downloaded onto your computer.
  6. Enter the relevant device IDs you wish to include in the list, separating each device ID by a line. DO NOT remove the first line, which is auto-defined as "IDFA/AAID".
  7. Once completed, ensure the file is saved with the .csv extension. You can now upload this file to create your new audience segment.

  8. Click Save to link the newly created device audience segment for your future campaigns and ad group targeting.

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