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When it comes to Brand Safety, there are two options the system allows. One is using the pre-defined Brand Safety filters already in place. Knorex has a strict policy in terms of filtering inappropriate content to protect your brand image and we are awarded two Seals of Compliance issued by the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) for anti-ad-fraud and brand safety. For more information, please visit this page.

The other is setting up your very own set of keywords so that the system will avoid placing ads on websites that contain the aforementioned content. Follow the video and the steps to help you set up your personal Brand Safety filter which can be used when setting up your ad group filters.

Steps To Setup Brand Safety List

  1. Log in to XPO Media Broker, click on Utility tab followed by Brand Safety
  2. This brings you to the Brand Safety page. Please note that there are a few pre-defined brand safety filters such as Adult, Car Accident or Violence, etc. Click on the + New Button to create a user-defined brand safety filter.
  3. Once you are on the Create Sensitive Category page, enter an appropriate name for the brand safety filter. Here, you can either restrict websites based on article content by inputting keywords to avoid, or you can block websites entirely by inputting the website URL under the Blocked Domain space.
    Once done inputting keywords, click Enter to confirm the selection.
  4. The system will then generate a list of websites with similar content to the inputted keywords. Click on Page Analysis to analyze the suggested pages.
  5. The Page Analysis screen shows not only the content of the suggested web pages but also suggests more keywords for users to add to their brand safety filter list. Once the selected keywords are confirmed, the system regenerates the website matches. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to further refine or expand your brand safety filter.
  6. Once completed, click on Save to confirm the filter and it will take you back to the Brand Safety page. Here you can view and edit your newly created Brand Safety filter.

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